Volunteer at Fairview

Thank you for your interest in volunteering!  For safety during the pandemic, our hospitals are temporarily not seeking new volunteers.

Fairview Health Services volunteers share their gifts of time, talent and compassion. Our volunteers enjoy serving the community, exploring careers in health care and making new friends. We value our volunteers and consider them important members of our team. We have a wide range of volunteer opportunities available in many locations. Volunteer placement varies based on location and position availability.

Volunteer with your pet

Volunteers and their dogs help patients across the Fairview system cope with stress, anxiety and illness. Patients that are able to interact with pets during their hospital or hospice stay have been shown to experience decreased pain and increased mood and energy levels.

Please contact the volunteer department at your local community hospital or Fairview Home Care and Hospice to learn more about how to get started. 

2020 Mandatory Annual Education for Current Volunteers

A safe and caring environment begins with knowledge

Fairview's Mandatory Annual Education presents fundamental and important information that helps all of us create a safe and caring environment. Mandatory Annual Education is for all Fairview employees, students, volunteers, agency staff, contractors and licensed independent practitioners, including physicians.

These lessons contain information about the requirements our accrediting agencies identify as needing to be reviewed annually. We review this information not merely as a requirement, but as a basis for creating a culture of patient and employee safety by incorporating the information and skills consistently into daily practice.

How to Complete your Mandatory Annual Required Learning

Volunteers must complete all nine modules:

  1. 2020 Mandatory Annual Compliance Training Lesson 1 Code of Conduct – SYS
  2. 2020 Mandatory Annual Compliance Training Lesson 2 Health Information Privacy and Security – SYS
  3. 2020 Mandatory Annual Compliance Training Lesson 3 Common Compliance – SYS
  4. 2020 Mandatory Annual Compliance Training Lesson 4 Compliance Hotline – SYS
  5. 2020 Mandatory Annual Compliance Training Lesson 5 Conflict of Interest – SYS
  6. Volunteer Education Lesson 1: Introduction & Expectations
  7. Volunteer Education Lesson 2: Customer Experience
  8. Volunteer Education Lesson 3: Patient Safety
  9. Volunteer Education Lesson 4: Personal Safety

  • Review the slides carefully. You may move forward or backward at any time using the arrows on the toolbar at the bottom of each lesson.
  • You must review all lessons to finish the Mandatory Annual Education program. (Please allow at least 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete all lessons.)
  • Complete the electronic signature form at the end of Volunteer Education Lesson 4: Personal Safety.

If you volunteer at multiple sites, please select one site that you volunteer at and notify the staff in all the other hospital volunteer services departments which site you sent your signature to. That way your information can be shared with all other M Health Fairview sites in which you volunteer so your records will reflect you’ve completed the mandatory education without you having to do this multiple times at multiple sites.