Trauma Services

This website offers Trauma information and guidelines. A trauma physician is always available for consultation as needed.

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System Guidelines

Adult Patient Care Guidelines  - Fairview System

Anticoagulation & Pharmacy Resources

Backboard Clearance

Warfarin Reversal

Blunt Imaging, Adult

Chest/Cardiac Injury, (adult and Peds) evaluation of 

Rib fractures, Treatment Guideline

Blunt Abd Trauma, evaluation of, adult

Adult C-spine Clearance

Adult Thoracic and Lumbar Clearance

Solid Organ Injury Guideline

Splenic Vaccine Guideline

Evaluation of Falls Guideline  

Known of Suspected TBI with Warfarin and Novel Anticoagulant Use

Pediatric Patient Care Guidelines  - Fairview System

Backboard Clearance 

Dog Bites 

Center for SAFE Kids 

Environmental Hypothermia Rewarming Guideline 

Warfarin Reversal

Chest/Cardiac Injury, (adult and Peds) evaluation of

Pediatric C-spine Clearance 

Pediatric Blunt Head Trauma Guideline 

Solid Organ Injury Guideline

Splenic Vaccine Guideline

Warfarin Use and TBI without Neurosurgery  

Warfarin Use and TBI with Neurosurgery  

UMMC Specific Guidelines

Anticoagulation for atrial fibrillation in trauma patients

Anticoagulation Reversal Guideline - Pradaxa®

Anticoagulation Reversal Guideline - Direct Xa Inhibitors

Anticoagulation Reversal Guideline - Warfarin 1

Anticoagulation Reversal Guideline - Warfarin 2

Anticoagulation Reversal Guideline - Aspirin and Plavix

Aspiration evaluation, Trauma Nursing

Cardiac blunt injury, evaluation of

Chest blunt trauma, evaluation of

Chest tube management

Geriatric Trauma Guideline

Sternal Fracture Guideline 

Trauma Surgeon Response Time Guideline

Traumatic Brain Injury Guideline

Neurosurgery Guidelines:
Neurosurgery Guidelines: Spinal Cord Injury Guideline
Neurosurgery Guidelines: Orderset Options for New Spinal Cord Injuries
Neurosurgery Guidelines: Response Times for Neurosurgery
Neurosurgery Guidelines: Traumatic Brain Injury Guideline

Ortho Guidelines
Ortho Guidelines: Optimal Timing of Femur Fracture Stabilization in Poly Trauma Patients
Ortho Guidelines: Washout and Use of Abx
Ortho Guidelines: Response Times for Ortho

Ortho Guidelines: Pelvic Fractures Treated at UMMC