Massive Transfusion Protocol

The purpose of the massive transfusion protocol (MTP) is to maximize the availability of blood components, and to utilize resources efficiently in the setting of massive hemorrhage.

1. Call the Blood Bank to initiate an MTP. 

2. Expect the first cooler to arrive in 20-30 minutes. See back cover for contact information.

3. If blood is needed immediately, two uncrossmatched, O Neg RBC units should be requested (emergency release).

4. The MTP initiates a continuous supply of blood components, Each set contains: 

a. Adult:
◾4 RBC units
◾4 plasma units
◾1 apheresis platelet unit
b. Pediatric: 
◾2 RBC units
◾2 plasma units
◾½ apheresis platelet unit

Note: Group O uncrossmatched RBC and A plasma units will be issued, if necessary, until type specific/crossmatch compatible units become available.

5. The Blood Bank transfusion medicine physician serves as a consultant in the evaluation and management of the patient’s transfusion therapy during the massive transfusion episode.

6. At the completion of the MTP, notify the Blood Bank and return all unused components.