Cost of Blood Components

 Component  ($) Billed To Patient* 
 RBC, leukoreduced   380
 Autologous RBC, leukoreduced   600
 Plateletpheresis, leukoreduced   1,000
 Crossmatched Plateletpheresis, leukoreduced   1,600
 HLA Matched Plateletpheresis, leukoreduced   1,600
 Plasma  120
 Cryoprecipitate  100
 Irradiation per unit  2,700

*This amount includes the following blood costs: donor recruitment, blood collection costs, supplies, testing, storage, delivery as well as hospital charges of blood retyping, storage and distribution. This amount does not include recipient typing, compatibility testing, or blood administration.

Administration of blood components increases the costs by an estimated two- to three-fold.