Shared Wisdom Group Prenatal Care

Women have always sought pregnancy and birth advice from each other. In our Shared Wisdom group for patients who choose our midwives at Fairview Clinics - Riverside, you’ll experience your pregnancy alongside other women in the same stage of pregnancy. Your group will share tips, learnings and experiences together in a supportive setting.

What is group care?

Group prenatal care is a new model of care for pregnant women and their partners. Six to 12 women who are due in the same calendar month meet regularly with a certified nurse-midwife to have their prenatal visits together.

Group visits include individual time with the midwife, group discussions about pregnancy and childbirth and guest speakers.

What are the benefits of group care?

  • Experiencing a greater feeling of social support
  • Increased face-to-face time with the midwife
  • Learning more about pregnancy and fetal development
  • Meeting and having pregnancy-related conversations with other women and families
  • Participating in your prenatal care

What happens during a group visit?

When you arrive for the group visit, there's no waiting—you enter directly into the group space and socialize. You'll weigh yourself and take your own blood pressure reading with help from the nurse. You will also have 10 minutes alone with the midwife to hear your baby’s heartbeat and address any personal concerns.

The midwife then leads a group discussion about a pregnancy-related topic. There will also be a guest speaker, and one visit will include a tour of The Birthplace. Snacks are provided at each session. You have the option of bringing your partner or the support person of your choice. Group visits are scheduled for 90-120 minutes.

Session 1

  • Orientation to group prenatal care and introductions
  • Setting healthy pregnancy goals
  • Nutrition

Session 2

  • Pregnancy discomforts
  • Relaxation and massage
  • Exercise and body mechanics
  • Stress reduction

Session 3

  • Preterm labor
  • Introduction to breast-feeding
  • Parenting

Session 4

  • Birth planning
  • Childbirth education: early labor, breathing, normal birth

Session 5

  • Childbirth education continued: interventions, cesarean birth
  • Waterbirth

Session 6

  • Fertility and birth control
  • Breast-feeding: a visit with a lactation consultant
  • Tour of the Birthplace

Session 7

  • Review of birth plan
  • Newborn care: a visit with a pediatrician

Session 8

  • Planning for postpartum
  • Coping with the end of pregnancy
  • Group wrap-up

Session 9

  • Shared Wisdom reunion and potluck

Call to register or for more information

If you're interested in enrolling in Shared Wisdom Group Prenatal Care or would like to learn more, please call 612-672-1835.