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Our Approach

Fairview and HealthEast midwives provide extraordinary care at an extraordinary time.  Combine their natural touch with the modern technology at The Birthplaces and Maternity Care Centers and you’ve found the best of both worlds for pregnancy, labor and beyond.

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Midwives are licensed health care professionals and are registered nurses with advanced education in midwifery. They specialize in continuous labor support, comfort measures and pain management.

Our midwives have built a reputation for holistic, patient and family-centered care. They encourage you to trust your body, respect your delivery wishes and will put you at ease during this exciting and overwhelming time.

A natural choice for many

Women choose midwives because they enjoy building a strong relationship with their caregiver. They also appreciate midwives' holistic natural approach to prenatal care, labor and birth. Midwives offer guidance on proper nutrition, medications, comfort measures, sleep and safety. They encourage women to make birthing choices unique to their own needs.

Midwives support a variety of labor options including the freedom to move around, the use of birthing balls, positions to encourage the baby to rotate for better labor, water immersion, aromatherapy and the use of pain medications, including nitrous oxide.

Our midwives work in collaboration with OB/GYNS as needed to ensure optimum care for women and their babies. 

Meet the Midwives

We invite you to get to know our team of dedicated midwives by attending a free one-hour gathering to meet many of our midwives in person. It’s a great way to learn about our midwives’ practice philosophy and gives you an opportunity to ask questions. Meet the Midwives events are currently offered at the following locations:

Beyond childbirth 

Many people only think of midwives in connection to childbirth, but they do much more. Our team provides a wide-range of care for women of all ages– from puberty through menopause: 
  • Annual exams
  • Birth control, family planning and preconception counseling
  • Simple gynecology services such as infections, screenings and counseling
  • Health guidance on nutrition, smoking, mental health and health education

The Birthplace at Fairview

An Exceptional Birth Experience

With seven award-winning locations, we proudly deliver thousands of babies every year. Each birth is unique and you can rest easy knowing we have the skills and experience to help you welcome your new baby. Explore The Birthplace and Maternity Care Centers

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