Patient Process

STEP 1: Evaluation

The first step is an initial evaluation. During this first visit you’ll provide information about your medical history and describe your current symptoms to the doctor. The doctor will also examine the affected area. It’s a simple process, and you will feel completely comfortable in our friendly office.

Based on this evaluation, you and your doctor will discuss the next steps. Our staff will then give you any further information you need and help you schedule your next visit, whether it is treatment or testing.

STEP 2: Scheduled Test

Should the doctor determine that your condition is medical, he may ask you to return for a diagnostic test called a venous duplex ultrasound. The ultrasound is completely non-invasive and painless. It simply helps us see patterns of blood flow and to accurately diagnose a potential disorder. Immediately following the completion of the test, the doctor analyzes the results and gives you a diagnosis. At this point, your options for treatment will be discussed in detail. You’ll be provided with information about treatments to help you make a decision about the next steps. Your ultrasound and consult with the doctor will be filed with your insurance.

STEP 3: Treatment

For each patient, treatment may vary, depending on symptoms, diagnosis, and insurance requirements for treatment. But the staff at VeinSolutions will make sure all your questions are answered and that you’re entirely comfortable and informed during whatever treatment is prescribed for you.

Note: Most insurance companies now require a period of conservative treatment before they will approve vein procedures. This may include 6 weeks to 3 months of compression hose. If you have any questions, please contact your insurance company and ask about their conservative treatment requirements for varicose vein procedures. (If you would like to start your conservative treatment now, you can get a prescription from your primary doctor and purchase the hose at a medical goods supply store.)