Common Questions

Experience and training matter and our physicians are the most qualified group of doctors to treat veins. Our physicians are all board certified and have completed years (not three to four months) of rigorous vascular training. They have met the high standards established by the American College of Surgeons.
No, varicose veins will get progressively worse without proper treatment methods. The doctors at VeinSolutions address the underlying problem, not just the symptoms, improving your chances for excellent long-term results.
Absolutely! Ask your primary care physician about the VeinSolutions doctors and their qualifications. You’ll probably find that they’ve been referring their patients or family members to us for quite some time. Roughly half of our patients are referred to us by their primary care physicians or other specialists.
Most insurance policies don’t cover the expense of cosmetic vein treatments, however medically necessary varicose vein treatments are often covered by insurance.

Note: Most insurance companies now require a period of conservative treatment before they will approve vein procedures. This may include 6 weeks to 3 months of compression hose. If you have any questions, please contact your insurance company and ask about their conservative treatment requirements for varicose vein procedures. (If you would like to start your conservative treatment now, you can get a prescription from your primary doctor and purchase the hose at a medical goods supply store.)
While their claims may sound appealing, many of these places are telling you what you want to hear rather than the facts. You should be aware that non-surgical methods to treat varicose veins have a very high re occurrence rate. VeinSolutions offer treatments that get it done right the first time. When it comes to treatment options for varicose veins, it pays to be a cautious health consumer.