Billing and Insurance

If you are a new patient, VeinSolutions will provide an initial vein screening - free of charge, unless:

  • You have previous venous operative reports to be reviewed
  • You have previous lower extremity ultrasound studies to be reviewed
  • You have a complex medical history that requires significant documentation and communication with your referring or primary care physician

With your permission and at the discretion of the physician, additional testing and consultation may be necessary before treatment. Your insurance will be billed for testing and consultation charges.

If your treatment is deemed medically necessary and not cosmetic, insurance documentation will be filed on your behalf.

Note: Most insurance companies now require a period of conservative treatment before they will approve vein procedures. This may include 6 weeks to 3 months of compression hose. If you have any questions, please contact your insurance company and ask about their conservative treatment requirements for varicose vein procedures. (If you would like to start your conservative treatment now, you can get a prescription from your primary doctor and purchase the hose at a medical goods supply store.)