Mobile Web Portal

A new mobile web portal for Fairview Specialty Pharmacy customers

Now there’s a new, convenient way for your team at Fairview Specialty Pharmacy team to communicate with you: The Fairview Specialty Pharmacy mobile web portal with text notification. With this link you can:

  • Get reminders when it is time to refill your medication*
  • Order your medication(s) online*
  • Receive important updates to your prescription orders
  • Touch base with us on your therapy

*May not be available to all patients

To enroll or learn more, call 612-672-5260 or 800-595-7140 (toll free).

How it works

You will receive a standard SMS text message welcoming you to connect to the link. The text message will include a hyperlink that you can simply tap on, and you will be directed to your personal Fairview link. No apps to download, it’s that easy.

The first time you visit the link, you will be asked to create a username and password. Once you are set up, you can save your log-in information to allow for easy, one click entry each time you receive a text.

Through this link, you will be able to view your personalized messages sent by Fairview Specialty Pharmacy. At times, we will request for you to enter information so that we can receive communication back from you. Other times, we may simply be providing you with status updates on a current order that is in process.

If at any time your cell phone number changes, your connection to the link will be disengaged. We can work with you to establish a new connection with your new phone number.

Fairview Specialty Pharmacy App

To enroll or learn more, call 612-672-5260 or 800-595-7140 (toll free).