Sleep Performance Training for Athletes

A journey to enhanced performance

Sleep is an often-overlooked component of the athletic training regimen that can adversely affect performance. Sleep Performance Training gives athletes aged 13+ access to leading sleep-health medical experts and sleep strategies, with the aim of improving physical power and mental alertness. All of which results in a noticeable increase in performance and can be the secret to athletic success.

Sleep Performance Training can have a significant influence on performance across a wide range of athletic activities. Upon completion of the program, athletes can expect to achieve: 

  • Improved reaction times
  • Enhanced accuracy
  • Improved endurance
  • Increased physical intensity

The tools to get there

Participants in Sleep Performance Training are started on a path to success and enhanced performance by a custom suite of components designed to help athletes reach their goals.

The testing and coaching suite includes:
  • Three meetings with specialists to get sleep-related testing and coaching for better nighttime behaviors and sleep environments
  • A sleep optimization plan with athletic and sleep goals aimed at improving sleep and athletic performance over 90 days
  • An optimization of circadian rhythm, duration, timing, and quality of sleep to maximize performance 
  • Power-napping techniques for quality rest and recuperation
  • Mastery of motor skills through sleep-enhanced visualization
  • Reaction-time testing using state-of-the-art Dynavision D2™ reaction trainer** testing will be conducted at each appointment
  • A sleep workbook with helpful tips and tricks to track and maintain optimal sleep-induced athletic performance
  • A Fitbit® digital sleep tracking device and other equipment as needed

Meet the Dynavision D2™ reaction trainer

As a crucial piece of Performance Sleep Training, The Dynavision D2™ sports training tool is widely used by professional athletes around the world who are looking to improve their performance, reaction times, visual awareness, and hand-eye coordination. An interactive light board uses 64 3-D targets to train a broad range of skills, resulting in improved athletic performance over time.

Fitbit® digital sleep tracking device

All participants receive a Fitbit® digital sleep tracking device to log individual sleep patterns and to assist with training regimens.

Ready to take the next step in athletic performance?

Performance Sleep Training is available to athletes aged 13+ for $550 per individual, payable at first appointment. The program fee is not covered by insurance or HSA. Group and team programs are available, with training done on a one-on-one basis.

**The Reaction Time Measurements are done by using a Dynavision™. The software that powers Dynavision enables individualized programs. Performance data is quantitative and objective, ensuring accuracy.
Disclaimer: The names used for the product and services referred to herein are owned and/or trademarked by Fairview Health Services or our respective owners Dynavision International LLC and Fitbit, Inc. who have granted permission to use Dynavision D2™

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All in-person visits will take place at the Fairview Sleep Center. To schedule an appointment, call 612-273-7533 (612-273-SLEEP)

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