Long-Term Care Pharmacy

Pharmacy Services Tailored to your Facility and Residents

Your Local Partner

Fairview Long-Term Care Pharmacy is local. Communications between you and our staff will be easy, At Fairview Long-Term Care Pharmacy, LLC, we realize each senior facility approaches medication management differently.

Together, we will develop a customized plan that meets your needs and the needs of your residents. Our distribution and support programs will take into account how your facility stores, administers and maintains medications. Our goal is to help you be more efficient, eliminate errors and reduce wasted medications, while ensuring patient safety and positive medication outcomes.

We'll create a flexible program based on your needs and the needs of your residents. From training and education programs for staff, residents and families, to dispensing and delivery methods that best suit your facility and schedules. Fairview Pharmacy will be there for you.

Commitment to Health Care

Fairview Pharmacy Services is a $300M subsidiary of Fairview Health Services, one of Minnesota's largest health care systems. We provide the entire spectrum of pharmacy programs and services that residents and their families need, including:

  • Over 30 retail pharmacies throughout the greater Twin Cities area
  • Home and community-based infusion services when intravenous medications are required
  • Specialty pharmacy services for hard-to-find biotech and oncology medications
  • Compounding pharmacy services when medications or special dosage forms are not available commercially
  • Medication Therapy Management practitioners to assist people who have complex conditions or take multiple medications
  • Access to durable medical equipment, aids to daily living and medical supplies with delivery directly to the facility personal and prompt. 

We place great emphasis on service and performance, demanding expertise and safety in all we do. Our pharmacists give each prescription personalized attention to protect your residents from harmful interactions and duplicate medications. Let us be your medication experts and enhance the quality of care you give your residents.

Fairview Long-Term Care Pharmacy will also be available to residents and family members directly. Our pharmacists are just a phone call away and ready to help with drug information. Our billing specialists and patient financial advocates will help residents and families understand their prescription benefits and assist with finding alternate coverage, if needed. 

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