24-hour Remote and Comprehensive Pharmacy Services

Fairview offers 24-hour remote pharmacy services as well as business consulting on a full range of pharmacy services, including:

For information on 24-hour remote pharmacy, or consulting services, contact:

Mark Nelson, RPh
Director of Pharmacy and Respiratory Care
Fairview Northland and Fairview Lakes Hospitals
5200 Fairview Blvd
Wyoming, MN 55092

24-hour remote pharmacy services

Reducing preventable medication errors is a top priority for all hospital pharmacy programs. This need doesn’t stop when your pharmacists go home. Our 24-hour remote pharmacy services give your patients, physicians and nurses access to a pharmacist during your off-hours. Our 24-hour remote pharmacy services cover the entire spectrum of customer and patient needs. We offer comprehensive pharmacy services and cost efficiency to your organization.

Because we area a health system based enterprise, you can be sure our dedicated pharmacist team will process and verify medication orders via secure data connection directly into your hospital’s pharmacy clinical information system.

We have a combined 35+ years of experience with remote order entry. Our hospital-trained staff will interface directly with your patient care team, 24/7. We are focused on creating long lasting partnerships with Departments of Pharmacy, Nursing, and Health Systems, through an efficient turnkey approach that includes set-up, on-site training, and quality reporting systems.

  • Provide better patient care
  • Implement a cost effective solution to 24-hour pharmacy staffing
  • Reduce preventable medication errors
  • Save time for your day-shift pharmacists so they can provide more clinical pharmacy services
  • Timely review of medications by a pharmacist
  • Medication entry into your computer system
  • Checking the right drug, dose, route, frequency
  • Document and report clinical interactions and interventions

Easy set-up process

We offer a turnkey set-up process that integrates seamlessly with your existing medication distribution equipment. Our service is customized for you organization’s volume needs – cost efficient so you can provide patients with your best care, 24 hours a day. We work with you to set up a medication review process that compliments your current procedures and gives you the most efficient and safe distribution of medications.

Compliant with Minnesota Board of Pharmacy

Our 24-hour remote pharmacy services are compliant with all Minnesota Board of Pharmacy guidelines for remote pharmacy review. The Minnesota Board of Pharmacy requires receiving hospitals to obtain a variance for remote pharmacy review. We handle the paperwork and submit the forms to the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy for you.