Fairview Patient Partners

A Team Approach

Patients and families are an integral part of our health care team. Fairview values your insights and invites you to become part of our Patient Partner Program. This program engages patients to help identify areas of improvement. Together, we can enhance the quality of care and experience in our clinics.

Patient Partners have been instrumental in making changes at Fairview Clinics, such as improving wheelchair access in exam areas, clarifying signage and user-friendly updates to MyChart.

You can choose to attend meetings at your clinic in person or become involved through online initiatives.


Patient Partners should be a current or former patient or family member of a Fairview clinic and are able to:

  • Commit to Fairview’s mission, vision and values
  • Work in partnership with others in a team setting
  • Share your experiences in ways so others can learn
  • See beyond your own experiences
  • Show understanding for a variety of concerns
  • Respect others point of view
  • Listen well, allowing others to participate
  • Maintain appropriate personal and professional boundaries
  • Respond by email or phone
  • Be at least 18 years old

Sign up

To sign up, or to ask questions about Fairview’s Patient Partner Program, contact the coordinator at 651-643-0243 or send an email to FMGpatientpartners@fairview.org.