Innovation in Health Care Award

Fairview MTM Team Receives Innovation in Health Care Award

The Fairview Pharmacy Medication Therapy Management Department has been honored with a 2016 Innovation in Health Care Award by HealthPartners. This award program recognizes medical, specialty, hospital or pharmacy providers who design and implement innovations for the care delivery model/process.
The Fairview MTM team was one of five teams to receive to receive an award out of 28 nominations.

“The Innovation in Health Care award confirms the important work the Fairview MTM team is doing to improve patient health and experience,” says Amanda Brummel, Director, Clinical Ambulatory Pharmacy Services, Fairview Pharmacy Services. “It also shows that MTM services can play a significant role in reducing costs, particularly those related to readmissions.”

About MTM
Medication Therapy Management is a service provided by specially trained pharmacists who work closely with the patient’s doctor to assist in achieving the patient’s medication goals, as well as educating patients about their medication therapy. This one-to-one MTM consultation model helps patients get the most benefit from medications, minimize drug interactions and side effects, and remove lifestyle barriers to taking medications properly.

Award Winning Innovation and Performance
The HealthPartners award was based on the implementation of Fairview MTM services for post discharge patients. This was undertaken to address the challenge of patients who leave the hospital with changes in their medication regimen, which if not properly understood by the patient can result in medication errors that lead to readmission.

The MTM team implemented an innovative post-discharge MTM referral process, identifying patients before discharge who would benefit most from MTM counseling and collaborating with other health systems so that patients could be seen in their medical home.

“The new process connects patients with their care team following discharge,” says Brummel. “They can then receive an MTM visit, ensuring they are on the correct medications – possibly preventing a readmission due to medication related issues.”

A retrospective cohort study found that hospital readmissions were significantly decreased at 30-days post discharge in patients that received MTM post-discharge, compared to similar patients who did not receive an MTM visit.