Laboratory Tests

Fairview Express Lab and HealthEast Lab Tests Direct

Fairview Express Lab and HealthEast Lab Tests Direct! each offer a menu of lab tests with no appointment or doctor's order needed. You choose the tests you need and the lab location that’s most convenient for you. Our labs are licensed and accredited by federal and regulatory agencies, ensuring accurate test results.

We will do the testing as often as you like. This allows:

  • Testing if you are away from home and your provider network.
  • Testing more often than a health plan allows.
  • Testing in private with private test results.
  • Less cost to you if you are uninsured or are insured only for major medical (catastrophic) events.

When using our services

  • If you are ill, do not call the lab. Call your doctor for medical care.
  • You do not need a doctor’s order.
  • You do not need to schedule a visit or to check in. Testing may be done Monday through Friday (no weekends or holidays).
  • You must pay for the lab tests before we collect samples. We accept eChecks or credit cards. Our labs will not file insurance, Medicare or Medicaid claims.
  • A child under 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian present.
  • Test results are sent to you about three to five days after testing.

About Fairview Express Lab

Consumers are increasingly making their own health care decisions. Fairview Express Lab offers you easy access to testing, which can help you monitor your own health. 

Talk to your care provider about tests that need a doctor’s order. Or, call Fairview On-Call at 612-672-7272. They will help you find a doctor if you do not have one. 


Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Test results

We urge you to talk to your doctor if you are concerned about your test results. A normal result does not mean that you don’t need to see a doctor. Also, an abnormal test result may not be abnormal for you. A doctor at the lab may review abnormal results.

We will call you in the event of a critical result. We do not send the results to your doctor. It is up to you to inform your doctor about the critical test results. Results may show that you should receive medical care right away.

We will not show test results to anyone but you. If the testing shows you have Chlamydia, Gonorrhea (GC), Hepatitis C, HIV (AIDS), or Syphilis, state law requires us to report the results to the Minnesota Department of Health.

Available Tests and Pricing*

Alcohol, Blood (Non-legal) $23
ALT (a liver function test) $17
Blood Type (ABO and Rh) $10
BNP (B Natriuretic Peptide) $108
Complete Blood Count with Diff P $25
Chemistry Profile-Comp $34
Chlamydia PCR Urine $112
Cholesterol, Total $14
Creatinine (kidney function) $17
CRP Cardiac $42
Ferritin $44
Glucose (fasting) $13
Gonorrhea (GC) PCR, Urine $112
HDL Cholesterol $26
Hemoglobin $8
Hemoglobin A1c (glycated Hgb) $31
Hepatitis C Antibody $46
HIV Antibody Screen (inc. confirm) $77
Homocysteine $54
INR / Prothrombin Time B $13
Iron $21
Lipid Panel Ref(Chol Trig HDL LDL) $43
Potassium $15
Pregnancy Serum $24
Pregnancy Urine $24
Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) $59
Syphilis (Anti Treponema) $42
Thyroid Screen (TSH,FT4 if indicated) $54
Urinalysis (no culture) $11
Vitamin B12 $48
Vitamin D Screen $94

Kit Testing Charges 
Specimen Collection $18
Specimen Processing $25

Specimen Shipping, Basic (RT) $30

*Pricing subject to change

Express Lab Form

Testing Locations

M Health Fairview Northland Medical Center
911 Northland Drive
Princeton, MN 55371

M Health Fairview Lakes Medical Center
First Floor, Outpatient Laboratory
5200 Fairview Blvd.
Wyoming, MN 55092

M Health Fairview Ridges Hospital
First Floor Laboratory
201 Nicollet Blvd. E
Burnsville, MN 55337

M Health Fairview Southdale Hospital Laboratory
First Floor Draw Station
6401 France Ave. S
Edina, MN 55435

M Health Fairview Clinics and Surgery Center, Maple Grove
14500 99th Ave. N
Maple Grove, MN 55369

University of Minnesota Medical Center
West Bank Campus
Outreach Patient Laboratory
West Bldg., First Floor
2312 S. Sixth St.
Minneapolis, MN 55454

About HealthEast Lab Tests Direct!

HealthEast Medical Laboratory offers Lab Tests Direct! as an option for those who want more control over their health care. Lab tests are performed by HealthEast Medical Laboratory.

Tests & payment information

Go here for information on test information, prices, locations and hours. 

Payment for tests is accepted by check, Visa or MasterCard. There are no insurance forms to complete. 

Test results

Most test results will be mailed to you within three to five working days and you are encouraged to share the results with your health care provider. A pathologist will review critical test results and a list of physicians in the area will be provided upon request.

Reference ranges are provided for certain tests and are designed to help you interpret results. A normal result does not guarantee that you do not need medical attention. An abnormal result may not necessarily be abnormal for you. Your complete medical history must be considered.

You are responsible for contacting a physician regarding your test results, if necessary.