Physician Referrals

The HealthEast Kidney Stone Institute works in collaboration with physicians referring patients to our program. We are committed to working with you to give your patients the most effective treatment options and ensure seamless continuity of care.

Refer a patient to the Kidney Stone Institute

To refer a patient or schedule a consultation, call the Kidney Stone Institute Hotline at 651-326-3830 or toll-free 1-888-326-3830.

We can provide you with information on scheduling an appointment with a kidney stone specialist. 

We provide communication & feedback to referring physicians

For surgical candidates: If requested by the patient's primary physician, we can provide a thorough preoperative screening and assessment. We have a team of hospitalists to provide preoperative assessment. A preoperative assessment consult is especially essential for high-risk surgical candidates and out-of-state patients.

Postoperative care: At the request of the surgeon, our team of hospitalists can provide postoperative management of surgical patients.

Complete report: We will provide a complete report to the patient's primary physician to ensure ongoing care continuity.

Timeliness of service: Patients who are seen in HealthEast EDs are scheduled on the same day or next business day. Patients seen in the ED will receive a next-business-day ED phone call from the Kidney Stone Institute RN for follow-up care.

How this applies to kidney stone disease 

  • Kidney stone disease has historically been a source of frustration to patients and health care providers, largely due to the episodic nature of attacks and fragmented care delivery systems without clear measures for success.
  • We have employed the core principles of The Joint Commission disease-specific care certification program to guide restructuring the way we deliver care for patients with kidney stone disease.
  • Working with The Joint Commission, we created the framework for the first program to achieve disease-specific care certification for kidney stone disease.
  • Get facts about disease-specific care certification.

What this means to patients

  • We have developed a program that has four core principles:
  • We seek to minimize the life impact of kidney stone disease. A symptomatic stone should not cost a month (or more) of patients’ lives.
  • Stones that have a chance of passing on their own deserve a chance to do so. We provide support for patients to maximize their chances for spontaneous passage.
  • Stone clearance surgery, when necessary, should be safe, effective, efficient, and long-lasting.
  • We will equip our patients for long-term self-management through accurate diagnosis of risk factors and appropriate education. We aspire to deliver this level of care to all patients, all the time. We are always looking for opportunities for improvement. The Joint Commission regularly audits our program to ensure we continue to adhere to our program and uphold their standards.