Injury Prevention

Our Approach

Workplace injuries cause suffering and cost money. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health reports that work-related problems of the back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands account for $15-$20 billion in workers' compensation costs annually. Our injury prevention services help you avoid such costs and keep your employees safe and productive.

We’ll help you match the right employee to the right job. Our services include job site consultation and analysis, pre-employment assessments and accommodations for injured or disabled workers.

Our team partners with you to:

  • Decrease costs associated with employee work-related injuries through workplace assessment, education and training
  • Enhance or create effective workplace ergonomics programs
  • Identify and evaluate workplace injury risks
  • Support employee well-being and performance by reducing the incidence and severity of work-related injuries

    • Employee and employer interviews
    • Job site consultation and analysis
    • Video observation
    • Work task, workstation and process analysis
    • Work site tours
    • Safety and injury record analysis

We provide cost-effective solutions to improve work environments by controlling or reducing identified risk factors. We tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Services we provide

We’ll help you identify workplace injury risk factors.

Recommendations may include workstation and equipment modifications or relocation, change in work process, ergonomic-focused injury prevention or safety education for employees and management.

Injured or disabled worker accommodation

Our staff members will evaluate the physical job requirements and recommend reasonable accommodations for injured employees returning to work or for hiring a person with disabilities.

Training and education

Many classes are available for employees and management to help you create a safer workplace.

Pre-placement assessments

We assist in matching employees to the physical job requirements.

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