Patient Education Resources

How To Infuse Your TPN (video lessons)

TPN 1   Gather your supplies
TPN 2   Adding insulin and vitamin
TPN 3   Adding multivitamins
TPN 4   Mixing Lipids and TPN
TPN 5   Turn on the pump
TPN 6   Connecting the PICC line
TPN 7   Stop the pump, flush the PICC line
TPN 8   Reset the Reservoir Volume
TPN 9   Self-monitoring

Fairview Home Infusion teaching documents

CADD Solis (IV Infusion Pump)

Caring for Your Line at Home

Medication Delivery Methods 

Home Pump (Medicine Ball) IV Push
Syringe Pump

Tube Feeding (Enteral Feeding)

Kangaroo Joey Enteral Feeding Pump


Infection Prevention

Therapy Information

Inotrope Chemotherapy