Caregiver Assurance

Caregiver support and advisory services for your loved one

Sometimes the process of caregiving can become overwhelming to even the strongest of people — and that’s normal. You don’t have to do this alone. The Caregiver Assurance™ program has been designed to reduce your stress and make life a little easier.

Caregiver Assurance is a membership program offered by Fairview Health Services that combines telephonic, in-person, and online resources to make your caregiving journey smoother. We provide emotional, educational and advisory services to help you maintain your own well-being as you care for your loved one and help them live a fulfilling, independent life. 

Speak with an Advisor to learn how Caregiver Assurance can help you: 612-672-CARE(2273)

Access to a Caregiver Assurance Advisor gives you:

  1. A licensed social worker - A dedicated Caregiver Advisor will provide you with ongoing telephone support and access to expert advisory services. They are trained in aging services and work with you to understand your unique situation, developing a program that suits your schedule. They are a consistent resource for you and your family, even as your loved one’s needs change over time.
  2. A personalized online account - Your Caregiver Assurance online account is accessible anytime, anywhere. This allows you to share, store and retrieve educational materials, important documents and service resource information provided by your Caregiver Advisor.
  3. Resources and referrals - Get expert guidance and referrals to care resources and services throughout the Fairview Health system as well as other services throughout Minnesota.
  4. A professional, in-home evaluation - If necessary, we will conduct a personal evaluation of you and your loved one's needs, assessing the current situation and conducting a family care conference to facilitate communication and care planning.

Receive caregiver assistance and guidance for the following subjects:

For caregivers: 
  • Stress management 
  • Emotional support 
  • Self care 
  • Financial support  
  • Family counseling 
  • Nutrition counseling  
  • Aromatherapy 
  • Health and fitness 
  • Meditation
For loved ones living independently:
  • Financial support
  • Home health care (medical)
  • Non-medical home care
  • Social support
  • Transportation services
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Pet care
  • Home and yard maintenance

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