What is Fairview Partners?

Fairview Partners is a coordinated care model designed for seniors. Joining Fairview Partners will give you access to comprehensive, coordinated, in-home care if you are a senior living in a participating location. As a member of Fairview Partners, you will receive ongoing care tailored to your unique health needs by your care team.

Your insurance coverage will fall into one of these categories:

Fairview is a Medicare participating provider and agrees to accept Medicare’s allowable charges. We directly bill Medicare and/or your insurance company. Typically, your insurance will fall into one of the following three categories:

In-Network Health Insurance Plans for Private Pay

Fairview Partners is a network provider with UCare Medicare. We encourage seniors to review the costs and benefits of their plan options and to enroll.

Unlike traditional Medicare supplemental plans, which only process and pay insurance claims, UCare Medicare is a Medicare Advantage Plan. This type of plan allows healthcare providers and the health plan to work together toward goals of quality, care and service improvements that benefit seniors. UCare contracts with Fairview Partners to support the central role played by our nurse practitioners, physicians and care coordinators and to enhance our ability to provide personalized and proactive care for you. 

Call UCare Medicare at 612-676-3500 or 1-877-523-1518


    Traditional Medicare, Supplemental Insurance and Non-Network Health Plans

    M Health Fairview Geriatric Services is a Medicare participating provider and accepts assignment for residents who are unable to change health plans to one our in-network health plan options or plan to switch but are not in Medicare’s annual open enrollment period. M Health Fairview is able to directly bill either Medicare or your current health plan. Note: there are certain benefits that are not available to residents when you are not enrolled in an in-network health plan.

    Fairview Partners does not represent any health plan and is not acting on behalf of any health plan. We are providing objective information solely about how our services align with the health plan options you may have. Choosing a health plan is important. Before enrolling in any plan you should learn as much as possible about how well your plan choice will suit your health care needs.

    Contact us:

    Phone at 952-914-1720

    Email at fvpartners@fairview.org

    Physician and Nurse Practitioner Profiles

      Minnesota State Health Plans (individuals on Medicare and Medical Assistance)

      Fairview Partners is in-network for the Dual Eligible or Minnesota Senior Health Options (MSHO) options listed below.

      UCare Dual Eligible (MSHO and MSC+)

      612-676-3554 or 1-800-707-1711


      Medica Dual Solution (MSHO)

      952-992-2030 or 1-800-266-2157