Tonsil, Adenoid, and Ear Tube Surgery: Preparing for Surgery

Below are some things that you will need to do before your child’s surgery.

Preparing for surgery

  • Bring your child for any pre-surgery tests the doctor orders. These may include blood and urine tests. (Not all children need testing.)

  • Follow instructions about what your child can eat and drink before surgery.

  • If your child takes any prescribed or over-the-counter medicines, ask the doctor about taking them before surgery.

  • Help your child choose a toy or blanket to bring to the hospital.

  • Bathe your child and remove any jewelry and hair accessories. This includes hair clips and earrings.

  • Call the surgeon if your child gets sick before surgery. Surgery may need to be delayed.

  • Ask the surgeon about other special instructions.


Boy sitting on exam table while healthcare provider takes blood from boy's finger. Woman standing next to boy.