Bland Diet

Your healthcare provider may advise a bland diet if you have an upset stomach. It consists of foods that are mild and easy to digest. It's better to eat small frequent meals rather than 3 large meals a day.

Illustration of bland diet foods: bread, cereal, juice, peaches, eggs, and crackers.


OK: Fruit juices, non-caffeinated teas and coffee, non-carbonated waters

Avoid: Carbonated beverage, caffeinated tea and coffee, all alcoholic beverages


OK: Refined white, wheat or rye bread, graham or soda crackers, Melba toast, plain rolls, bagels

Avoid: Whole-grain bread


OK: Refined cereals: cooked or ready to eat

Avoid: Whole-grain cereals and granola, or those containing bran, seeds or nuts


OK: Peanut butter and all others except those to "avoid"

Avoid: Chocolate, cocoa, coconut, popcorn, nuts, seeds, jam, marmalade


OK: Canned, cooked, frozen or fresh fruits without seeds or tough skin

Avoid: Olives, skin and seeds of fruit, dried fruit


OK: All fresh or preserved meat, fish and fowl

Avoid: Any that are prepared with those spices to "avoid"

Cheese and eggs

OK: Eggs, cottage cheese, cream cheese, other cheeses

Avoid: All cheeses made with those spices to "avoid"

Potatoes and pasta

OK: Potato, rice, macaroni, noodles, spaghetti

Avoid: None


OK: All soups without heavy seasoning

Avoid: Soups made with those spices to "avoid"


OK: Canned, cooked, fresh or frozen mildly flavored vegetables without seeds, skins or coarse fiber

Avoid: Vegetables prepared with those spices to "avoid"; skin and seeds of vegetables and those with coarse fiber, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, green peppers, and corn


OK: Salt, lemon and lime juice, vinegar, all extracts, sage, cinnamon, thyme, mace, allspice, paprika

Avoid: Chili powder, cloves, pepper, seed spices, garlic, gravy pickles, highly seasoned salad dressings

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