Sleep Studies at Our Centers

Specialists at Fairview and HealthEast sleep centers diagnose and treat the full range of sleep-related conditions. Your sleep specialist may recommend a sleep study in order to diagnose your sleep condition. A sleep study measures how quickly you fall asleep and how restfully you sleep. Electrical feedback from your brain waves, eye movement, breathing patterns, oxygen levels, heart rhythms and limb movements is gathered and evaluated to help determine if you have a sleep disorder.

You may be a candidate for a sleep study if you:

  • Snore loudly
  • Have a neck measurement larger than 16 inches in women and 17 inches in men.
  • Have a body mass index under 35
  • Have been told that you choke, gasp, or stop breathing while you sleep
  • Feel excessively tired during the day

What to expect during your sleep study

The study is performed at a sleep center, where your sleep patterns can be measured and monitored by state-of-the-art technology. Fairview and HealthEast have seven sleep center locations around the Twin Cities metro area.

When you check in on the evening of your sleep study, it will take about an hour to get you ready for the test. Then you will be assigned a comfortable, private room with an adjustable bed where you can relax by reading a book, talking on the phone or watching TV until you’re ready to go to sleep.

While you sleep, our sleep technicians will monitor you to evaluate the quality of your sleep. You may be asked to stay through the following morning for additional testing depending on the results of your nighttime evaluation. A sleep specialist will analyze your study and meet with you to discuss the results and any recommended treatment options.