Home Sleep Studies

Fairview Sleep Centers offer a home sleep study option to qualifying patients. This is an easier, less expensive way to diagnose your sleep disorder from the comfort of your own home.

How it works

You will have a consultation with a sleep specialist, and then a medical reviewer will review your referral to make sure you qualify. If you do, we will call to arrange for you to pick up the equipment and schedule a follow-up appointment.

Simple and easy to use

The home sleep study equipment is designed to be user-friendly. It consists of a nasal sensor that sits under your nose, a wireless oxygen monitor on your finger and two belts on the chest and abdomen that measure respiration. A small electronic unit no larger than your wallet clips to the belt across your abdomen.

Follow-up treatment

After your home sleep study, a physician will review your report and recommend a treatment plan. Depending on your results, an overnight sleep study in a sleep laboratory could be recommended.

To see if a home sleep study is right for you, call Fairview Sleep Centers at612-273-5000.