Lifeline helps people live on their own with confidence. This easy-to-use, personal medical alert service helps older and disabled adults living at home get quick assistance at any time — 24 hours a day, every day.

When you need help, just press the waterproof personal help button you wear as a pendant. Within seconds, a certified Lifeline monitor will respond, assess the situation and call for the right help.

You can also answer your telephone remotely by pressing the help button, activating the speaker phone and reducing your risk of falling.

Watch a video explaining how Lifeline works.

A landline is not required for the Lifeline service. If you do not have a landline, a small additional monthly fee is added to your account for wireless service.

There are no long-term agreements. Lifeline can be installed or removed at any time.

Optional services

The following features can be added to your Lifeline service:

Falls alert deviceFalls alert device 

If you fall, this device automatically calls for help.

Mobile help button

If you feel vulnerable when away from your home, our mobile help button has GPS technology and can be worn away from your home. This button also includes the falls alert technology.


This product dispenses and monitors your medication, helping you stay on schedule and reducing the risk of over- or underdosing.

Lifeline volunteers

Fairview Lifeline volunteers help us keep our prices low. Training is provided and volunteer time is flexible. Become a volunteer today

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