When life expectancy is limited, Fairview and HealthEast Hospice staff and volunteers will help you and your family focus on improving the quality of your remaining days. Hospice provides medical, emotional, social and spiritual care. We bring these services to the familiar setting of your own home whenever possible. The same kind of care may also be given at a long-term care site, a group home, an assisted living site or a residential hospice.

When is the right time to ask about hospice?

Hospice services are usually provided when life is expected to be less than six months, but it’s never too early to ask questions. An individual doesn’t have to currently be a Fairview or HealthEast patient to become a hospice patient.

In Harmony For Life: HOSPICE

Services we provide

  • Assistance with bathing and personal care
  • Bereavement support for your loved ones
  • Counseling from social workers
  • Medications, medical supplies and equipment related to your diagnosis
  • Pain and symptom management
  • Phone consultations
  • Residential Hospice Care: The Pillars Hospice Home
  • Visits from spiritual care providers who respect your family’s faith and beliefs

Areas we serve

Fairview Hospice serves 15 counties, covering the Twin Cities, Princeton and the surrounding areas.
HealthEast Hospice serves the 7-county metro area.
Fairview Range serves the Iron Range and Northeast Minnesota.

Contact us

To contact Fairview Hospice:
Call 612-721-2491 for more information.
For referrals, please call 612-728-2468 or toll-free 866-827-5039.

To contact Fairview Range Home Care and Hospice
Hibbing - 218-262-6982 / 877-272-6982
International Falls - 218-283-3031/ 866-748-2824

To contact HealthEast Hospice:
Call 651-232-3312 for more information. Business office hours are Monday - Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm.
HealthEast Hospice takes referrals 7 days a week. To refer a patient, call 651-232-3767 or use our referral form.

Bereavement support

Bereavement support at Fairview Hospice

We provide help to those that have lost a loved one in the Fairview Hospice program within the last year. For more information, contact us:

Twin Cities metro area: 612-728-2455

Fairview Lakes area: 651-257-8850 or 1-800-314-3328

Iron Range area: 218-262-6982 or 877-272-6982

Princeton area: 763-389-1923; toll-free 800-285-5647

Email: griefresources@fairview.org

Bereavement support at HealthEast Hospice

After a patient's death, we continue to stay in contact with the family for 13 months. We understand that each person's grief and needs are unique.

Go here to learn more about grief resources.

Learn more about Hospice

  • Watch Stacy's Story
  • The Fairview Hospice Caregiver's Handbook is a helpful book that will guide the reader through the hospice experience. This book covers topics such as how hospice can be of help, coping with a terminal illness, the role of the caregiver and practical suggestions for delivering care, pain and symptom management, nutrition, what to expect during the dying process, and information on the grief process.
  • Read The Fairview Hospice Caregiver's Handbook.

We Honor Veterans

We Honor VeteransFairview Hospice is proud to be a Level 4 participant, the highest level of achievement, in the We Honor Veterans program. Our staff understand the unique needs of veterans. We are prepared to meet the specific challenges that veterans and their families may face at the end of life. If you want to consider volunteering in our vet-to-vet program please call our office.