Grief Resources

AccentCare Fairview Hospice is here to provide grief support to patients, families, and the community at large. Our bereavement teams have experience working with adults, teens, and children to help them through the grief journey. Support is available both before and after a loved one's death.

After the patient's death, we continue to stay in contact with the family for 13 months. We understand that each person's grief and needs are unique. Bereavement staff and volunteers make periodic phone calls to families to offer emotional support. Mailings providing information about upcoming events as well as newsletters and noteworthy topics related to the grief process are available to those who wish to receive communication in this manner. Educational workshops, support groups, and memorial events are offered in the community throughout the year. Individual and family grief counseling is also available.

Worldwide, we are living in an uncertain time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are in the midst of grieving primary and secondary losses while navigating our daily lives in a whole new way. These collective and individual upheavals and changes bring forward a variety of mixed emotions that may cycle continuously. This collective vulnerability can serve as a reminder to step into our individual bravery and kindness. It is a time to sink deeper into compassion for oneself and others. It is a time to allow the quality of grace to soothe the ever-present awkwardness of fear and on-going grief. Trust in your resiliency and ability to know yourself at an even deeper level as we all move through this time of massive shifting.

Links to helpful grief resources:

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Grief-related websites

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