Effective December 10, 2020, Youth Grief Services is administered by Brighter Days Grief Center. Please visit their website to access, learn about, or support The Brighter Days Grief Center Youth Program.

How You Can Help Support Youth Grief Services

As a free community service provided by Fairview, Youth Grief Services depends on the generosity of donors and volunteers to help us provide the services that grieving children and families need.

Give your time

Our program’s success is largely dependent on the high quality of our volunteers. Though they come from all walks of life, many have had personal experience with grief that has led them to their work with Youth Grief Services—some have even become volunteers after participating in our support programs.

Whether you choose to volunteer at Camp Erin-Twin Cities for a summer weekend, or facilitate one of our weekly support groups throughout the year, expect to be engaged, supported and valued throughout your experience.

At Youth Grief Services, our staff and volunteer team work together to ensure that grieving youth and their families find the support and education they need. This work creates a community where needs of grieving children and teens are understood and met.

YGS will train you to work with children and teens who have experienced a close death in their lives. You don’t need to be a therapist, grief counselor or social worker to volunteer. We welcome diversity among our volunteers, including professional background and life experiences.

In addition to having a desire to help, our volunteers are required to pass a Minnesota state background check, complete the online Fairview volunteer application, and attend the required Children’s Grief Education Training prior to volunteering.

To learn more about volunteering, call us at 952-892-2111 or email us.