Effective December 10, 2020, Youth Grief Services is administered by Brighter Days Grief Center. Please visit their website to access, learn about, or support The Brighter Days Grief Center Youth Program.

Support and Education

Fairview Youth Grief Services offers a free, comprehensive and research-based grief support program for families with children ages 4 through 18.

While children attend age-appropriate support groups, the adults in their lives are invited to attend either an educational class to learn about grief in children or an adult support group organized by the relationship loss.

Each week, group members have the opportunity to focus on a particular aspect of the grieving process and are encouraged to share what they have learned with their family members at home.

Upcoming support series

Call to register your family: 952-892-2111

Spring 2020

Tuesdays, April 7 - May 12, 6:30-7:30 p.m.
Bethlehem Lutheran Church
4100 Lyndale Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55409

Support for children and teens

Support groups for children and teens are organized by age. Although there are times that children and teens shed tears, group time also includes laughter and healing.

Our dedicated group of trained volunteer facilitators work with kids through a variety of age-appropriate activities that help them to express their grief in healthy and healing ways. 

At the end of the series children and teens will have told their stories, remembered their loved ones, learned to identify feelings and to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy ways to express feelings, and talked about the changes that have occurred in their lives since the death.

The series closes with a candlelight remembrance ritual to honor their loved ones. Through this time together, kids learn that they are not alone in their grief.

Support for adults

While the kids are meeting in their age-appropriate support groups, parents or caregivers are asked to participate in one of the following groups:

Loss of Spouse/Partner Grief Support: This group allows parents the opportunity to process their own grief experience and find healing among others experiencing similar losses.

Parent Grief Education: This group helps adults better understand their grieving children, given their developmental and chronological age. We offer a framework for what grief looks and feels like in the eyes of children, and we provide helpful parenting support specifically for grieving children and teens. We also provide Loss of Child support groups as needed.

Our adult grief education classes are open to all the caring adults in a grieving child’s life—parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, daycare providers and other caregivers. You will learn how grief affects children at different ages, what to expect in the years to come, and what is normal and what is not.

Online Resources: Our Camp Erin partners The Moyer Foundation have a comprehensive online library of carefully curated resources that provide the tools to navigate some of life’s most challenging experiences, including grief. To browse their articles, videos, activities and referrals, visit www.moyerfoundation.org/resources.

For more information

You can contact us for grief support and evaluation. Call us at 952-892-2111 or send us an email