Improving Community Health

What We're Doing to Meet Local Health Needs

Fairview Health Services and HealthEast, a part of Fairview Health Services since 2017, talk with people in our communities and listen to their health concerns through a formal process known as a Community Health Needs Assessment.

Based on what we learn, we develop new programs and partnerships—or extend existing ones—that address the top health priorities identified by people living in each of the communities we serve.

Part of Our Core Mission

We have undertaken these assessments voluntarily every three years since 1995. They're now required under the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act—but we see them as much more than a legal requirement. They are part of our core mission of healing, discovery, and education. 

The needs assessment process involves months of work by individuals throughout our health system and our community. The project benefits from the input of many community members who volunteer t heir time, energy, insight, and expertise - from board members, physicians, and nurses to pastors, educators, public health experts, and leaders and community-based organizations. We are grateful for their partnership and support.

After the needs assessments are complete, the implementation strategies are developed through system-wide and hospital-specific analysis of priority community health needs and outline how our hospitals intend to address these needs.Below are links to both the Community Health Needs Assessments and Implementation Strategies reports. 

Community Health Needs Assessments — 2018 & Community Health Needs Assessments Implementation Strategies — 2019-2021

Community Health Needs Assessment Implementation Strategies - 2016-2018

Our Work in Action: Community Health and Well-being Collaborative Report

The East Side Health and Well-being Collaborative is a partnership of HealthEast and more than 20 community organizations working to improve health and well-being on St. Paul’s East Side. Members are primarily small to mid-sized nonprofit and faith-based organizations serving the neighborhoods of Dayton’s Bluff, Payne-Phalen, and the Greater East Side.

The Collaborative report chronicles the work of the partnership through visual models and stories of how the Community Health and Well-being Collaborative  model came to life on the East Side. It highlights early success and lessons learned. Read more.

Community Health Needs Assessment Implementation Strategies — 2017 Plus

Community Health Needs Assessments — 2017 Plus

Community Health Needs Assessments - 2015

Community Health Needs Assessments - 2012