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Sometimes people facing the end of life require care beyond what a family can offer. In such times, The Pillars offers a place to call home. The Pillars Hospice Home was the first residential hospice in the Twin Cities' East Metro area. Supported by HealthEast and Fairview Foundation and a generous community, The Pillars opened in April 2000. We take our name and purpose from the pillars of faith, hope and love. At The Pillars, end of life needs are met with compassionate, respectful care.

Each of the eight private suites has its own bath and patio, opening onto the adjoining woods and pond, ideal for relaxation and experiencing the peacefulness of nature.


6025 Upper 35th Street North Oakdale, MN 55128


Schedule a Visit: 651-748-0330

HealthEast Pillars Hospice Home

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Schedule a Visit: 651-748-0330

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The Pillars Hospice Home

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Compassionate care
The Pillars has a 24-hour on-site nursing staff. Our highly skilled RNs, LPNs and certified home health aides are prepared to manage the most complex medical needs. Their empathy and competence make them ideal caregivers on this journey through the end of life.

The hospice team (including a physician, chaplain, social worker and bereavement coordinator) make routine and as needed visits and work in collaboration with the Pillars staff. Our dedicated, hospice-trained volunteers complement the services we offer.

Pillars of support
The Pillars is a sanctuary, not only for the individuals in need of care, but also for their families and friends. With their loved ones' physical, emotional and spiritual needs provided for, families are free to be just that — family. They can spend precious time with their loved ones, deal with unfinished business, rest, reflect and meet their own needs.

We graciously accommodate limited family members and friends who wish to stay overnight.

Paying for services
At The Pillars, room and board is the responsibility of the patient and family. The Hospice Medicare Benefit and most insurance plans cover the services of the interdisciplinary hospice team, medications and equipment related to the terminal illness and bereavement care.

Volunteer with Hospice Care
Volunteers are an integral part of the HealthEast Hospice care team. They offer a gentle presence, a helping hand and a compassionate ear. Call 651-748-0330 for more information on how to become a volunteer.