Health Plans

Convenient care options at a fair value

Fairview has worked with local health insurance companies to create quality health insurance plans with some of the lowest premiums in the country. No matter your age or health status, Fairview has a health plan that meets your needs.

All Fairview plans include our network of 5,000+ providers, 12 hospitals, 56 primary care clinics, specialty clinics, senior living communities, retail and specialty pharmacies, and more. In addition, you will have access to OnCare for online care from anywhere and MyChart for online scheduling and communication with your doctor.

Whether you select a health plan through work or purchase insurance through a broker or on MNsure, look for plans that include Fairview for more value for your dollar.

Purchase health insurance through work? Look for these health plans during open enrollment:

Purchase health insurance on MNsure or through a broker? Look for Fairview UCare Choices.