Sports Medicine Fellowship

Education and professional outreach are integral to Fairview's orthopedic mission. We are committed to advancing community-based sports medicine by offering educational opportunities that include the year-long Orthopedic Sports Medicine Fellowship.

About the Fellowship 

Established in 1987, our ACGME-accredited Fellowship accepts two fellows each year and has graduated more than 40 orthopedic surgeons who are now in successful practices throughout the United States.

Our Fellowship is unique in that it offers orthopedic surgeons advanced training in community-based sports medicine.

Upon completion of the program, graduates:

  • develop the knowledge and skills necessary to initiate and administrate a community-focused sports medicine practice that serves high school, college-level, professional and recreational athletes 
  • develop the knowledge and skills necessary to provide complete orthopaedic sports medicine care for athletes of all ages, including surgical and non-surgical treatment. This includes study of the pathology and biomechanics of athletic injuries and the physical and psychological manifestations of sports injuries and conditions 
  • develop the knowledge and skills necessary to administrate and provide coverage for high school, college-level, professional sports teams, and local sports events 
  • develop professional and interpersonal patient care skills necessary to an inpatient, outpatient, training room and on-field sports medicine settings 
  • participate as a member of a sports medicine team that includes sports medicine and orthopaedic physicians, certified athletic trainers and rehabilitation specialists 
  • complete a minimum of 500 surgical cases 
  • develop skills to design, implement and complete a community-focused sports medicine research study and publish the results 
  • develop a community-focused sports medicine project impacting the sports medicine professional or consumer community 
  • prepare for advanced certification in sports medicine