Sports Medicine Fellowship

Education and professional outreach are integral to the Fairview’s orthopedic mission. We are committed to advancing community-based sports medicine by offering educational opportunities that include a year-long Orthopedic Sports Medicine Fellowship.

About the Fellowship

Established in 1987, our ACGME-accredited Fellowship can accept 3 fellows each year and has graduated more than 50 orthopedic surgeons who are now in successful practices throughout the United States. Faculty comprises sub-specialties of all joints, and all are sports medicine fellowship trained. Our faculty spans a range from 5 years to decades of practicing orthopedic sports medicine. Our faculty work in collaboration to provide the best educational experience for our fellows.

Our Fellowship is unique in that it offers orthopedic surgeons advanced training in sports medicine and provides knowledge and skills to evaluate and treat athletes of all ages and abilities. The curriculum and design of the fellowship provide an environment for our fellow to learn how to build a community sports medicine practice, and notably, how to be a valued member of the sports medicine team. Fellows will have exposure to every level of athlete from high school to professional/elite level.

Our faculty, along with our multi-disciplinary sports medicine experts, will teach the curriculum and direct the fellowship experiences and evaluations, while also providing robust research exposure. Fellows will work with all faculty members throughout the course of the year. Clinical and surgical opportunities are split to ensure a complete learning environment. All clinical hours are spent in outpatient orthopedics and the surgical cases are split between hospital-based and ambulatory surgery center settings. Fellows will have the opportunity to participate in industry labs, as well as basic science teachings and biomechanical labs.  Regarding research, fellows are highly involved in projects throughout the year. Faculty and research staff are dedicated and available to help create an independent study or the fellow can join another faculty member on an existing project. Fellows are granted specific academic time for data collection, statistical analysis, and drafting or reviewing manuscripts. Fellows will find support through on site staff to help in research activities that include: development of their research question, assistance with background literature searches, and formalization of their methods, statistical analysis. Additionally, our Research and Education Supervisor can aid in and during the IRB application process, protocol design, collecting data, acquiring hospital/clinic records for review and any other tasks necessary for your project.

Upon Completion of the Program, Graduates:

  • Develop the knowledge and skills necessary to initiate and administrate a community-focused sports medicine practice that serves high school, college, professional and recreational athletes; 
  • Develop the knowledge and skills necessary to provide complete orthopedic sports medicine care for athletes of all ages, including surgical and non-surgical treatment. This includes study of the pathology and biomechanics of athletic injuries and the physical and psychological manifestations of sports injuries and conditions; 
  • Develop the knowledge and skills necessary to administer and provide coverage for high school, college, and professional sports teams, as well as other local sports events; 
  • Develop professional and interpersonal patient care skills necessary for inpatient, outpatient, training room and on-field sports medicine settings; 
  • Participate as a member of a sports medicine team that includes sports medicine and orthopedic physicians, certified athletic trainers and rehabilitation specialists; 
  • Develop skills to design, implement and complete a community-focused sports medicine research study and publish the results; 
  • Develop a self- directed community-focused sports medicine project impacting the sports medicine professional or consumer community; and
  • Prepare for advanced certification in sports medicine.

Educational Experience:

Our program values and supports professional development by ensuring our fellows participate in:

  • Weekly Grand Rounds lectures and basic science courses;
  • Monthly Journal Club lectures;
  • Advanced Imaging Conference bi-monthly; 
  • Arthroscopic and surgical technique labs;
  • Complicated case discussions with faculty;
  • Attend local and national conferences focused on orthopedic topics and advancement of skills; and
  • Attend quarterly and yearly meetings in support of the Fellowship program.


Fellows will be evaluated throughout the year by faculty and participating sports medicine staff members. Assessments will be done via an on-line tool after each rotation. Each clinical rotation will support the competency variables set forth by the ACGME. The competency levels will be evaluated semi-annually through ACGME’s Milestone evaluation process. Additionally, the fellow will meet with the Program Director semi-annually to discuss evaluations and progress in the program.


The Fellowship program receives applications exclusively through the SF Match web based program. Applicants are directed to: to apply for the Fairview/MOSMI Fellowship position. Applications will be monitored, and an invitation letter will be sent to selected candidates for an interview.

This is a paid fellowship, which also includes options for medical, dental, and liability insurance.

If there are any questions regarding the Fellowship program, please contact our Fellowship Coordinator Tara Anderson at: or 612-672-7125.