Hand Therapy Fellowship

About the fellowship 

The hand therapy fellowship is a joint program of M Health Fairview Hand Therapy and University of Minnesota Occupational Therapy program. Fellows will work side by side with experienced hand therapists, hand surgeons, and PhD OT professors to hone their skills and knowledge to practice at an advanced level in the exciting, growing field of hand therapy

Training will include direct clinical care, physician and surgery observation, graduate-level didactic coursework, research and teaching. 

Fellows will conduct research and educate future therapists while under the supervision of experienced hand therapists, OT educators and researchers. These skills will assist in clinical research and presentation. Fellows will also participate in improving community awareness of benefits of hand therapy.

Fellowship graduates will: 

  • Develop knowledge and skills needed to provide client-centered, advanced hand therapy care 
  • Participate as a team member with hand therapists and hand surgeons 
  • Develop leadership and advocacy skills 
  • Develop skills to design, conduct and disseminate research 

Fellowship salary and benefits 

We offer a competitive salary and full benefits including health, dental, disability and malpractice insurance and vacation. 

About fellowship faculty

The fellowship is supported by clinical and academic faculty members. The clinical faculty has advanced training in acute and cumulative trauma clinical care, with advanced orthotic fabrication skills. The academic faculty has advanced training in occupational and hand therapy science, and scientific and clinical research.

Fellowship co-coordinator information

Clinical Coordinator
Virginia O’Brien, OTD, OTR/L, CHT

Academic Coordinator
Corey McGee, PhD, MS, OTR/L, CHT
Assistant Professor
Programs in Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation Science
University of Minnesota

Applying to our program

Applications are accepted from August 1 (year prior) to March 15 for the one-year fellowship program which occurs generally from August 1 to July 31. We accept one registered occupational therapist (OTR) each year. Preference will be given to the OTR with at least one year’s experience in upper limb rehabilitation. Currently, only those currently working in the USA are accepted. Fellows are required to have proof of current Basic Life Skills (BLS/CPR) certification, must be eligible for Minnesota state OT licensure. 

To apply for the fellowship, candidates will include 1) professional cover letter, 2) a two to three page statement letter of their goals and objectives for this hand fellowship, 3) a current resumé, and 4)  three letters of reference which includes one from a former employer. The statement letter should include the reasons their OT career goals include the specialty of hand therapy rehabilitation; what is the area of interest in hand therapy research; and how this fellowship will meet their career goals and objectives. 

Mail or fax your application to: 
Hand Therapy Clinical Fellowship Coordinator 
Virginia O’Brien, OTD, OTR/L, CHT 
M Health Fairview - Hand Therapy 
909 Fulton St. SE, Mail Code 2121DL
Minneapolis, MN, 55455 
FAX: 612-676-4039