Women's Health Physical Therapy Residency

The mission of the Fairview Women’s Health Physical Therapy Residency is to improve the health of the communities we serve by providing advanced clinical training, professional development, and research opportunities in the specialty area of women’s health. Program graduates will gain the knowledge and skills to provide exceptional patient care, learn to integrate evidence with clinical practice, and serve as an advocate for pelvic health physical therapy to consumers and colleagues through education and community service.

The Fairview Women’s Health Physical Therapy Residency Program will:

  1. Provide each resident with the advanced education and skills necessary to allow practice as a primary care specialist in women’s health physical therapy.
  2. Educate each resident in the advanced skills necessary for the analysis of relevant pelvic health scientific literature and the clinical application of evidence.
  3. Educate each resident to contribute to the pelvic PT knowledge base through a clinical research opportunity.
  4. Promote advocacy of women’s health PT to consumers and colleagues in the communities we serve through education and community service.
  5. Prepare each resident to obtain ABPTS board certification as a clinical specialist in women’s health physical therapy.

About the residency

The Fairview Women’s Health Physical Therapy Residency is a post-professional clinical and didactic education experience designed for PTs who wish to significantly advance their preparation as a specialty provider of pelvic patient care services. It combines ongoing clinical mentoring with a theoretical basis for advanced practice and scientific inquiry.  This residency is hosted within Fairview Health Services by the Institute for Athletic Medicine (IAM).  

Program Graduates will:

  • Develop advanced knowledge, clinical decision making, and practical skills to succeed in pelvic specialty Physical Therapy Practice
  • Develop advanced professional and interpersonal skills necessary for successful interaction with caregivers and patients across the spectrum of pelvic heath care
  • Develop advanced skills necessary for the analysis of relevant pelvic health scientific literature and the clinical application of evidence.
  • Promote advocacy of women’s health PT to consumers and colleagues in the communities we serve through education and community service.
  • Contribute to the pelvic PT knowledge base through a clinical research opportunity.
  • Expand their preparation for board certification as women’s health  clinical specialist in Physical Therapy

 The Women's Health Residency Program will meet all aspects of the Women's Health Description of Specialist Practice including:

  • One to one clinical mentoring including shadowing and/or co-treating with wide range of content experts in women’s health Physical Therapy including: post-mastectomy/lymphedema, bone disorders, female athlete triad, and pre/post-partum care.
  • Didactic clinical education modules covering the full spectrum of content areas found within a women’s health specialty practice.
  • Skill development in pelvic health clinical practice areas including: examination, treatment interventions, and clinical decision making for male and female pelvic dysfunctions.
  • Dedicated time and supportive resources for research and community service projects.
  • Specialty clinician (MD, PT, OT, DC) shadowing and clinical practice/surgery observation.
  • Weekly mentoring meetings for clinical case discussion and two way performance feedback.
  • Participation in monthly Grand Rounds conferences, and presentation of one grand rounds talk during the residency.
  • Participation in evidence based journal club meetings. Literature discussion and article presentation at each meeting.
  • Opportunity for participation in IAM specialty pelvic health programs including For Women Only, Men’s Pelvic Health, and Kids in Control.
  • Preparation for taking the WCS exam.
  • Opportunity to attend internal and external CE offerings hosted by MHealth-Fairview/IAM.

Residency Weekly Hours (may vary throughout the year).  Approximately 30-32 hours per week are associated with direct patient care, either independently or with a mentor.

  • Direct patient care: 20
  • 1:1 supervision/mentoring: 6-10
  • Classroom instruction:2-4
  • Laboratory Instruction: 1-2
  • Physician shadowing/surgical observation: 2-4
  • Research/community service project: 4
  • Weekly resident/faculty meeting: 1

Salary and Benefits

Each Resident is paid a salary of $52,770 for the residency year. Each resident is provided access to full health, dental, liability, disability insurance benefit and two weeks paid time off as per Fairview Health Service employee standard.


There is no tuition or fee involved with the residency.

Resident Evaluation

Residents are evaluated throughout the year in a number of ways, in accordance with recommendations made by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). These evaluations are used to improve the Resident’s performance and strengthen the curriculum:

  • Quarterly 360 Degree Evaluation by faculty and other staff who interact with them (Residency faculty, clinical and administrative staff) via New Innovations, an online evaluation tool. A similar evaluation tool, completed by the Residents, provides feedback about faculty, the curriculum and Resident structure.
  • Completion of learning experience and residency activity logs with discussion of progress and content.
  • Clinical Case Presentation at Grand Rounds Conference.
  • Evidence-Based Journal Club Presentations – two annually.
  • Quarterly Case/Record Review by faculty - a review of patient records and comparison of findings against accepted patient care standards.
  • Live patient exams assessing knowledge of procedural skills.
  • Research opportunities range from independent projects, partnerships w academic or clinical colleagues, a Capstone project, or case report.
  • Completion of a Community-based orthopedic health Project or completion of scheduled community service clinic hours.
  • Individualized Learning Plan - Residents identify three learning objectives for the year and strategies to achieve them. This plan will be revised at six-months and at conclusion of the Residency.

Core Components of the residency

  • Clinical practice including 1:1 mentoring and independent clinical practice focusing on the following clinical components:
  • Examination
  • Evaluation
  • Diagnosis
  • Prognosis
  • Intervention
  • Management of a patient
  • Completion of an pelvic health based community service health project
  • Patient education
  • Research
  • Supervision of other health care providers

Length of Residency

13 month appointment beginning July 27, 2020 ending on July 31st of the following calendar year.


We are a developing residency program and have not been granted candidacy or accreditation.

Application Process

We have been approved for candidacy and our application is available on RF-PTCAS

Application must be received by 03/09/2020 for consideration for the 2020-2021 Residency year. If application is accepted, formal interviews will be held 04/08/2020.

Required application content is detailed on the RF-PTCAS website and will include the following items:

  • Cover Letter of application with submission of complete applicant contact information.
  • Curriculum Vitae including academic achievement and work history.
  • Completion of essay questions submitted online via RF-PTCAS website essay describing your reasons for, and interest in, pursuing this residency:
    • 1. Describe the goals you plan to achieve by completing residency 
    • 2. Describe any particular research interest you may have 
    • 3. What aspects of your background and professional experience qualify you for participation in a PT residency program?
  • Provide three letters of recommendation. One must be from a professional colleague or work supervisor.

Selected candidates will be invited to participate in an on-site interview process.


  • Applicant must be licensed to practice Physical Therapy in Minnesota by the start of the residency. New graduates must sit for the Minnesota PT exam in April to allow for sufficient time to become licensed to practice.
  • Level 1 Pelvic Floor course.
  • Some pelvic health exposure and basic or level 1 obstetrics physical therapy course encouraged.

Acceptance into the program is provisional pending the candidates meeting all conditions of employment with Fairview Health Services and the Institute for Athletic Medicine.

Direct any and all correspondence to:
Fairview Women’s Health Physical Therapy Residency Program
Attn: Betsy Walts, PT, OCS, Cert. MDT
 Institute for Athletic Medicine- Hiawatha
3809 42nd Ave South

Minneapolis, MN 55406