Program Details

Our Diverse Educational Settings

Fairview Health Services, based in Minneapolis, is a network of hospital, clinics and other ambulatory care services. The care that clinical pastoral education (CPE) students provide is one of many spiritual health services offered both within Fairview and in community-based ministry settings. Fairview's hospitals and community-based clinics encompass a diverse range of health care environments that include:

University of Minnesota Medical Center, near downtown Minneapolis, is a major educational and quaternary care facility with two campuses on and adjacent to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus. It offers patients a comprehensive range of diagnostic, clinical, surgical and health educational services, including behavioral care and rehabilitation. The medical center's focus on medical training and research affords special opportunities for CPE.

Fairview Southdale Hospital, in suburban Edina, is one of the largest providers of emergency care in Minnesota. It offers comprehensive medical care, including oncology and mental heath, as well as maternal and newborn services. It also has a noted surgery department, providing treatment ranging from open heart and neurological surgery to orthopedic, eye, urologic, gynecologic and cosmetic surgery.

Fairview Ridges Hospital, in suburban Burnsville, is a community hospital at the southern gateway to the Twin Cities. It offers a continuum of primary and acute services including perinatal, pediatric, medical/surgical and geriatric care. Fairview Ridges Hospital partners with other health and human service organizations on the Fairview Ridges campus whose goal is to work together to provide holistic care. The service area includes the Minnesota River Valley as well as nearby suburban and rural communities.

Ebenezer, which provides a wide range of senior services, offers opportunities for CPE students in various long-term care facilities ranging from full-service nursing homes to assisted-living apartments. Geriatric ministry is the primary focus at Ebenezer.

Most CPE students are given a clinical assignment at one of Fairview's hospitals or at Ebenezer's long-term care facilities. However, the Fairview system extends beyond the Twin Cities and offers diverse opportunities.

Application Information

How to apply for our program

To apply to Fairview's Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program, you must fill out the CPE application or the Supervisor CPE application on the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE) website. Send your completed application to:

Fairview CPE Admissions Policy

All applicants must complete the ACPE application form and provide required documentation.

Level I and Level II CPE

When considering a student’s application for Level I and Level II CPE, the supervisor(s) will consider and assess:

  • Readiness for using the clinical method of learning congruent with the program level for which the applicant is applying.
  • Level of education with the minimum being graduation from high school/GED or ordination by a faith community or commissioned to function in ministry by an appropriate religious authority as determined by ACPE. A bachelor’s degree with some graduate level theological / religious education preferred.
  • Level of emerging pastoral identity        
  • Appropriate diversity balance in the student peer group for a particular unit        
  • Potential for contribution to the clinical site 
  • Personal and professional maturity
  • Willingness and ability to minister in an interfaith environment        
  • Ability to provide pastoral care with adequate competence in understanding and speaking the English language        
  • Competence with computer usage such that the applicant has clear potential for using electronic charting methods when in healthcare context          
  • Applicants for the year-long residency program will have completed a minimum of one unit of CPE.

Supervisory CPE

When considering a student’s application for supervisory education, the interviewer will consider and assess:

  • Completion of four units of CPE
  • Successful completion of Level II outcomes
  • Ecclesiastical endorsement
  • Masters of Divinity degree or equivalency as defined by ACPE Standards Glossary
  • Previous ministry experience in which the applicant demonstrated ability to function pastorally
  • Openness to engagement at the level required for successful completion of the supervisory education process    
  • Capacity for personal and professional integration        
  • Level of time and energy available for engaging the supervisory education process 
  • Membership in ACPE


Information about our program costs

Fairview offers several options in our Clinical Pastoral Education program. Here are tuition costs for them.

Intern programs

  • No application fee is charged
  • Tuition with placement at a Fairview/Ebenezer site: $750 ($250 non-refundable deposit)
  • Tuition with placement external to Fairview/Ebenezer: $5,000 ($400 non-refundable deposit)
  • Tuition for students who have had a previous unit of CPE with Fairview/Ebenezer: $500

Twelve-month residency program

  • No application fee is charged
  • First unit tuition: $750 ($250 non-refundable deposit)
  • First unit tuition if student has had a previous unit of CPE within Fairview/Ebenezer: $500
  • Tuition for second and third units: $300 per unit

Supervisory CPE program

  • No application fee is charged
  • Tuition for students at Fairview sites: no charge
  • Tuition for students at non-Fairview sites: $5,000 (per unit)
  • No deposit is required for supervisory CPE students

When a student is accepted into a unit of CPE, he/she will receive a letter from the supervisor explaining that the deposit to hold a position is due within two weeks.

Balance on the tuition is due when the student begins the unit. Non-refundable deposits are applied to the tuition. Students may also negotiate a payment plan with the unit supervisor. All tuition must be paid by the end of the unit.

We have a limited number of scholarships available to cover part of the cost of tuition. Contact Michael Doane, CPE program manager, at to request an application form.