Creating a Healthier, More Equitable Future in St. Paul and the East Metro

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A bold new vision for accessible, affordable healthcare

Our country’s health system is broken. It is unaffordable and inaccessible for too many and hasn’t evolved to meet today’s care needs and opportunities. We can no longer do business as usual. To do so would be a disservice to our people, patients, and community. 

Fairview Health Services is committed to improving the health of St. Paul and the wider East Metro, as a healthcare provider and an anchor in the community. Last year, we took several important steps forward to realize our bold vision to bring breakthrough care to more people while supporting health equity in the communities we serve. In the East Metro, these steps included a realignment of our locations and services to better meet the community’s evolving needs – a process that is informed by far-reaching research and hundreds of conversations with community members, patients, partners and our employees. Part of that plan involves reimagining the evolving St. Joseph’s Hospital campus in St. Paul as a one-stop Fairview Community Health and Wellness Hub for services and resources, focused on accessible, affordable, and equitable healthcare, while addressing the social determinants of health – factors like access to healthy food and community connection that, when lacking, can contribute to poor health. Now, we are able to share the next steps in our plan. 

“Achieving this transformation requires change, and change is both exciting and difficult,” said James Hereford, Fairview Health Services President and CEO. “Together, we will rise to meet this moment in order to create healthcare that is more affordable, accessible, and equitable. Healthcare that makes our community better, for everyone, today and long into the future.”


    Learn more about our vision

    Fairview Community Health and Wellness Hub

    Our St. Paul campus will become a community-driven space focused on prevention and wellness.

    Our Mental Health Commitment

    Our commitment to mental health care for Minnesotans has always – and will continue to – run deep.

    Our East Metro Evolution

    From St. Paul to Maplewood and Woodbury – our hospitals, clinics, and services are evolving to meet our patients’ and community’s needs.
    • Surveys

      Understanding the Health & Wellness Needs of St. Paul

      We surveyed more than 1,500 employees, current and former patients, St. Paul residents, and community leaders. Here’s what we discovered and how it's driving our work.