Courageous Leader Scholarship

Our courageous leaders

Fairview is proud to offer scholarships to Fairview employees who have completed high school and/or earned a G.E.D. and will be entering or are currently enrolled in an accredited college or technical school program. This scholarship is offered to support the leadership development of employees who are pursuing advancement opportunities within Fairview.

This scholarship is generally offered in the spring of each year with winners announced in mid-summer. 


Eligible candidates for this scholarship are:

  1. Current Fairview employees with a good employment record. 
  2. Accepted and enrolled in an accredited college-level school/program.
  3. Completing a program that will help them qualify for leadership positions that are expected to be available within Fairview. The program can be any level from certificate through doctorate. 
  4. Role models of the Fairview values. 
  5. Employees who have demonstrated leadership ability, through risk-taking efforts, to influence positive change within Fairview.

All employees who meet the above criteria are eligible to apply. Applicants don’t have to be in a management/leadership role.

Send complete applications to:
1700 University Ave W 
Saint Paul MN 55104