Summer Nursing Student Internship

Begin your nursing career with our summer nursing student internship program

Fairview's Summer Nursing Student Internship program provides an individualized educational experience at all five of our hospitals and medical centers in the Twin Cities. The program is tailored to your nursing career goals. 

As a nurse intern, you will be mentored one-on-one with registered nurses to gain hands-on nursing experience. Our program provides opportunities to enhance your technical, critical thinking and interpersonal skills in an acute care environment. 

There's so much to gain

  • Real-world experience under the guidance of RN mentors
  • Hands-on experience in a variety of areas, including patient assessment, intervention and care planning 
  • Opportunities to work with nurses and other health care professionals in a variety of roles and patient care settings
  • Multiple “day of learning” opportunities in classroom environments
  • Opportunities to increase self confidence in patient care
  • Opportunities to explore nursing care in other departments 
  • Preferential status for employment upon graduation

Program requirements

Successful applicants to our internship programs:

  • Will have completed their junior year in a baccalaureate (BSN/BAN) nursing program by the start of the internship
  • Have at least a 3.0 GPA
  • Are able to work a minimum of 48 to 64 hours per pay period (every two weeks) in variable shifts (total of 240 to 320 hours)
  • Are able to work for 10 weeks during the summer beginning early June to early August

Selected applicants must enroll in a Minnesota college or university internship course and have paid any associated tuition costs or fees before beginning the internship. 

The Minnesota Nurse Practice Act requires nursing student interns be enrolled in a nursing program whenever performing nursing functions. Because the foundation of our internship program is RN-mentored clinical experience, we can only extend offers to candidates who are willing to enroll in a Minnesota school’s internship course and pay any associated tuition costs or fees. The nursing program must have an affiliation agreement with Fairview. Please discuss this with your school faculty and contact us if you have questions. Additional information will be provided to you if you are offered an internship.

The state Board of Nursing of Minnesota, through the Nurse Practice Act Regulations, has approved the skills list from which nursing students in internship programs can practice with direct supervision of RN mentors.   

Program description
Learn more about our nursing internship program and the selection process in our frequently asked questions. 

To apply 
Applicants must submit:

A completed Fairview job application.

An essay, 250-300 words in length (found on the online application).

Current resume - containing information about your education, employment, community service, awards and recognition and leadership experience from the past five years.

Application will be available from November 1 - December 15, 2017 on the Fairview Careers website.

Contact information

Emily Wilson, MAN, RN or Hanane Kachman