Doctoral Psychology Internship

Our doctoral psychology internship program is staffed by licensed psychologists, who serve our community as psychotherapists, evaluators, consultants, and supervisors for a broad range of programs. They’ll provide the mentorship, resources, and superlative clinical skills you need to become a professional psychologist — and deliver high-quality, compassionate care for your patients.

You’ll have the opportunity to work with a variety of patients using a wide range of assessments, therapeutic approaches, interventions, and techniques. These include individual and group psychotherapy, personality assessment, neuropsychological testing, trauma recovery, and substance abuse treatment. In addition, we encourage our interns to contribute to professional research and literature through their clinical observations and patient encounters.

The internship year is a time of transition from student to independent practitioner. We encourage our interns to take an active, leadership role not only in their residency, but also in their ongoing professional goals. We support them as they pursue career plans and training after our program.

To learn more about our psychology internship, download our brochure.