My Total Rewards 2021

Fairview Southdale Hospital, Local 70 Engineers

Fairview offers total rewards to fit your life. We know you and your family have different personal and financial health needs at different stages in life. Employees authorized 80 hours per pay period enjoy a wide range of both traditional benefits and leading-edge rewards. You will enroll online at the time of hire and each year during Open Enrollment. During enrollment, you will make choices for medical, dental and vision insurance, health care and dependent flexible care spending accounts, life insurance, and much more. 

The information below is an overview. Additional information is available through Fairview’s Employee Service Center at 612-672-5050 or toll-free 877-903-5050.

Medical Insurance

Fairview offers five medical plan options. Dependents are also eligible for coverage (proof of dependent status will be required upon enrollment of a new dependent). Coverage is effective the first of the month following your date of hire, or on the first of the month if hired on the first of a month.

Each medical plan includes an annual deductible. Once you’ve met the deductible, you will pay medical and prescription drug coinsurance until you meet the plan’s out-of-pocket maximum.

Employees have five medical plans to choose from:

  • PreferredHealth Exclusive Provider Plan: A $0 deductible, traditional copay plan that uses a narrow network of providers; there is no out-of-network provider coverage.
  • PreferredHealth Copay Plan: A traditional copay plan that uses a narrow network of providers; providers in the Aetna Travel Network are covered as in-network providers when you are out of the PreferredOne service area.
  • PreferredHealth High-Deductible Plan: An annual deductible is required before this plan pays benefits; this plan uses a narrow network of providers. Providers in the Aetna Travel Network are covered as in-network providers when you are out of the PreferredOne service area. This plan allows you to contribute to a Health Savings Account (HSA) if you are eligible.
  • Open Access Copay Plan: A traditional copay plan that uses a broader network of providers.
  • Open Access High-Deductible Plan: An annual deductible is required before this plan pays benefits; this plan uses a broader network of providers. This plan allows you to contribute to a Health Savings Account (HSA) if you are eligible.

Provider networks:

  • PreferredHealth Network providers offer the highest level of coverage. This level of coverage applies to providers from HealthEast, Entira, Fairview, University of Minnesota Physicians, Vibrant and Fairview Physician Associates, as well as Children’s Hospital and Clinics and North Memorial.
  • PreferredOne Open Access 200 Network providers offer the highest level of coverage. Providers include members of the PreferredHealth Network as well as local competitors of HealthEast and Fairview.
  • Out-of-Network providers offer the lowest level of coverage, if any. You’ll need to pay a larger percentage of the total cost, a higher coinsurance percentage and higher annual out-of-pocket maximums. Fairview uses the Aetna Signature Administrators national provider network for discounted services. View providers at There is no out-of-network coverage on the PreferredHealth Exclusive Provider plan.

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What you pay each pay period for medical insurance depends on how many people you cover, which plan you choose, and your tobacco status. View premium rates for each plan.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

Fairview partners with Optum for HSA administration. An HSA is a tax-advantaged account that allows you to set aside money to pay for eligible out-of-pocket health expenses not covered by your medical, prescription drug, dental, and vision plans. Some examples include copayments, deductibles, eyeglasses, hearing aids, and contacts.

If you choose to make contributions to your HSA, you must make an election each year during the Open Enrollment period. Annually, Fairview matches your HSA contributions, up to $500 for employee-only coverage and up to $1,000 for employee plus dependent(s) coverage. All contributions are made per pay period; you will not receive a Fairview contribution if you do not contribute to your own HSA.

In 2021, the combined employer/employee contributions cannot exceed $3,600 for single coverage or $7,200 for family coverage. Participants age 55 or older are eligible to contribute an additional $1,000.

Health Care and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts

Fairview offers both Health Care Flexible Spending Accounts (Health Care FSA) and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts (Dependent Care FSA). These accounts can help you save money by setting aside a portion of your income to pay for eligible medical expenses or day care expenses and reducing your taxable income. Coverage is effective the first of the month following your date of hire, or on the first of the month if hired on the first of a month.

Health Care FSA

A Health Care FSA allows you set aside a portion of your income (up to $2,750 for 2021) to pay for eligible medical expenses. Once you enroll in a limited or full Health Care FSA, you cannot drop or make changes to this benefit, unless you experience an eligible status change or qualifying life event. If you are enrolled in a Health Savings Account and a Health FSA, your Health Care FSA becomes a “limited purpose” Health Care FSA. This means your eligible expenses under the Health FSA are restricted to eligible dental and vision expenses only. Only the Health Care FSA allows a rollover of $550 into the next plan year; any amount over $550 will be forfeited.

Dependent Care FSA

A Dependent Care FSA allows you to contribute up to a maximum of $5,000 per plan year per household to reimburse yourself for most day care expenses.

Once you enroll in a Dependent Care FSA, you cannot drop or make changes to this benefit, unless you experience an eligible status change or qualifying life event.

Dental Insurance

Fairview offers two dental plan options, both administered by Delta Dental. Dependents are also eligible. Coverage is effective the first of the month following your date of hire, or on the first of the month if hired on the first of a month. View premium rates and benefits summaries for Fairview’s dental plans.

Vision Insurance

Employees have the option to enroll in the vision plan administered by VSP. Dependents are also eligible. Coverage is effective the first of the month following your date of hire, or on the first of the month if hired on the first of a month. View premium rates and benefits summaries for Fairview’s vision plan.

Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance

Fairview partners with Securian Financial for life insurance administration. Full-time employees are eligible. Basic life insurance coverage is effective 1st of the month after 30 days of employment. Your coverage amount is $50,000. Fairview pays the full cost of coverage.

Optional life insurance coverage is available for purchase for you, your spouse, and dependent children. You may enroll in optional life insurance for up to six times your annual earnings to a maximum coverage of $1,250,000.

Please note: Life insurance rates for spouses are based on the Fairview employee’s date of birth.

AD&D insurance can be purchased as a supplement to employee optional life insurance. If you die as the result of an accident, your beneficiary will receive the amount of your AD&D coverage in addition to your basic and optional life insurance benefit. AD&D insurance may also pay all or a portion of your benefit if you are seriously injured in an accident.

It may be necessary to provide Evidence of Insurability (EOI) to obtain some levels of life insurance. Any coverage amount that requires EOI will not take effect until necessary approval is obtained through Securian. Coverage is subject to benefit reductions after age 70.

Disability Insurance 

Disability insurance provides salary continuance in the event that you become disabled and are unable to work. Coverage is effective on the first of the month following completion of the probationary period (90 days).

Long-Term Disability Insurance: This benefit is equal to 65 percent of your monthly salary to a maximum benefit of $3,662 per month. Long-term disability coverage begins after 90 calendar days of disability.

Voluntary Benefits

Fairview is pleased to offer a suite of voluntary benefits, including:

  • Accident Insurance: The MetLife Accident Plan can protect you and your family from the potential financial impact of an accident by helping to offset out-of-pocket costs, such as deductibles and coinsurance, which are not paid by your medical insurance carrier. Policies are designed to cover injuries and accident-related expenses such expenses as hospitalization, ER care, fractures, dislocations, surgery, and transportation.
  • Critical Illness Insurance: The MetLife Critical Illness Plan helps you and your family recover from the financial stress of surviving a critical illness. Policies pay a lump sum benefit for specific serious illnesses.
  • Hospital Indemnity Insurance: The MetLife Hospital Indemnity Plan offers you supplemental medical coverage that provides cash benefits to help offset expenses associated with the out-of-pocket costs of deductibles, coinsurance, and non-covered hospital services.
  • Identity Protection: Allstate Identity Protection protects you from unauthorized use or attempted misuse of an existing credit card or other existing account, and the misuse of personal information to open a new account or another fraudulent purpose.
  • Legal Plan: The ARAG Legal Plan offers you easy access to qualified attorneys in your area. Plan attorneys provide a wide range of legal services, covering most personal legal needs.

Premiums for these products are paid through post-tax payroll deductions.

Retirement: Pension and 403(b) Plans

Fairview contributes to the Central Pension Fund of the International Union of Operating Engineers if you have a minimum of 400 hours of service in the year. Contributions are $2.51 per hour paid effective May 1, 2017. A summary plan description is available by contacting the Central Pension Fund, 1-202-362-1000. 

All employees are eligible upon hire to contribute to a tax-deferred 403(b) or 401(k) retirement savings plan with Fidelity Investments. This includes casual-status employees who would normally not be eligible for benefits.

Fairview also offers a Roth option, which allows you to contribute after-tax dollars to your account at Fidelity and make potentially tax free withdrawals in retirement. To enroll or make changes to an account, call 1-800-343-0860 or visit

Holidays/Vacation Time/Sick Leave

Fairview recognizes seven holidays: New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Employees working on any of the above holidays receive two-and-one-half times (2.5x) pay for all hours worked on holidays. In addition, employees receive three floating holidays each contract year (May 1-April 30).

One week of vacation time is available after completion of six months of employment. Vacation schedules are as follows:

  • Two weeks after one year of service
  • Three weeks after five years
  • Four weeks after 10 years
  • One additional day for each year beginning after 16 years of employment, up to a maximum of 25 days of vacation

Fairview provides paid sick leave when you are ill and unable to work. Sick leave is accumulated at the rate of one day per month up to a maximum of 90 days.

Pay Differentials

Shift differential: You receive 80 cents per hour for working the afternoon shift and 85 cents per hour for working the night shift.

Weekend premium: You receive weekend premium pay at the rate of 60 cents per hour for each hour worked during a period of six consecutive shifts beginning with the hospital’s regular Saturday day shift.


As a non-exempt, hourly employee, you are on one of two overtime standards: 8/80 or over 40. Employees are paid time and one-half (1.5x) for hours worked in excess of their overtime standard. Hours worked in excess of twelve consecutive hours are paid at double time. Vacation, paid sick leave and holidays will count toward overtime.

Professional Liability Insurance

Fairview provides all employees with professional liability insurance. The coverage is automatic and begins on the first day of employment. All employees are covered by professional liability insurance while performing assigned duties within the scope of their employment at Fairview.

Health and Wellbeing Resources

Fairview is committed to enhancing the health and wellbeing of Fairview employees and their families. You have several opportunities and resources to help you maintain and improve your personal health:

  • Employee Wellness Services: Access a variety of resources for fitness, nutrition, stress management, tobacco cessation, mindfulness, discounts, and more through the employee intranet, blog community, and activities both online and onsite.
  • Fairview Wellbeing Dollar Allowance: Fairview employees can take advantage of the Fairview Wellbeing Dollar Allowance Program, regardless of your enrollment in a Fairview medical plan. The allowance is $350 per year for benefit-eligible employees and $150 per year for non-benefit-eligible employees to be used towards qualified programs and services. Find details on the Fairview intranet’s Employee Wellbeing page, under Benefits & Services.
  • PreferredOne Fitness Advantage Discount: Get in shape and save money. Employees on a Fairview medical plan can save up to $20 a month on a gym membership when you work out 12 or more days each month (up to $40 per family).
  • Healthy Savings: Eat healthy and save on your grocery trips this year. Fairview will continue to offer all employees a 25 percent discount on your fresh produce purchases up to $5 every week at participating grocery retailers. Sign up for your Healthy Savings card anytime. Find the link on the Employee Wellbeing intranet page, located under Benefits & Services on the Fairview intranet.
  • Employee Assistance Program: Employees and family members receive up to six sessions of free, confidential short-term counseling, problem-solving, and referrals. Seek help for work or personal concerns including stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and more.

Health Education and Training

To support the career aspirations of our employees and others, Fairview partners with numerous education institutions to provide health care education/training programs. In the past, we have sponsored the following educational programs: clinical laboratory scientist, health unit coordinator, medical laboratory technician, nursing assistant (basic and advanced courses), nursing station technician, perianesthesia (PACU) nursing, perioperative registered nurse, phlebotomy, registered nurse, surgical instrument processing technician, radiology technologist, and ultrasound technician. In some instances, Fairview pays you a wage while you complete training.


Fairview partners with numerous schools to provide job training and we offer more than 100 scholarships annually. Your dependents who are pursuing health care education also may qualify for a scholarship.

Tuition Assistance and Reimbursement

Through the tuition reimbursement plan, Fairview recognizes the importance of continuing education. Courses are approved if:

  • The course is taken at an accredited educational institution;
  • The employee satisfactorily completes the course; and
  • The degree or course enhances the employee’s current position or prepares the employee for a position that may be available at Fairview in the future.

After six months of employment at benefit-eligible status, benefit-eligible employees may receive reimbursement for up to 75 percent of the cost of tuition and books, up to $3,000 annually. Employees must agree to work at Fairview for six months after completion of course work.

Fairview also offers a direct pay model called Tuition Assistance for eligible educational institutions. This means that Fairview will work directly with the learning institution to pay before you start class. You do not need to pay up front and get reimbursed later. If your educational institution does not participate in Tuition Assistance, you may still be eligible for reimbursement through this program. A two-year employment commitment applies to employees receiving a benefit from this program.

This is intended to provide a summary of benefits offered to Fairview employees. While Fairview believes the information included in this summary to be true, it is not intended to be all-inclusive nor is it intended to set conditions of employment. Fairview reserves the right to modify, change or reserve any part or parts of this information at any time. The language on this page is not intended to create, nor can it be construed to create, a contract between Fairview and its employees. The language in the insurance contracts and documents will prevail should there be a conflict of information.

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