Vendor Process for New Product, Equipment and Services Introduction Request

What is MedApproved?

Fairview Health System has implemented new software called MedApproved that will assist us and you (the vendor community) to more effectively review products that enter our hospitals and clinics. MedApproved should not be confused with the Vendor Credentialing services such as VendorMate.

The MedApproved software management tool has become necessary due to the number of products that enter our system and the complex nature of the healthcare industry.

What are the advantages of MedApproved?

Increase efficiency: You can organize all your product information and have it routed to all the key decision makers at the hospital with the click of a button.

Transparency into the process: You can login and see what stage of the decision process and an estimated decision date for each product you’ve submitted to hospitals utilizing MedApproved.

Reduces duplicate efforts: You have the ability to create and save profiles for each of your products.

Seamless communications: You will receive automated emails anytime there are updates regarding the review status of your product.

How do I use MedApproved?

Beginning May 1, 2013 you will need to visit the MedApproved site to submit a request in order to have a product reviewed at Fairview Health System. You will need to have a sponsor that is willing to champion the product/service for you. If you do not have a clinical sponsor please use “Need Sponsor” at in the sponsor field in MedApproved. It’s free to register but there is a $30 submission fee when submitting a request.

  1. Go to
  2. Log on and create a username and password
  3. Go to the Product page to create a profile including “product detail” and “standard Q&A”
  4. Go to the Assessment page to input the “assessment detail” including the hospitals you want to review your product and the sponsor who is championing your product.
  5. Upload any documents you want to be reviewed in “assessment documents” 
  6. Answer any questions in “Product Q&A” and “Hospital Q&A.” These questions are specific to the hospitals you have selected.
  7. Finally, fill in the Vendor Profile info and submit product for review.

Detailed instructions with screenshots are available here.

What about new services and equipment?

Services and equipment will not be processed using the MedApproved system at this time. Please email product/service information to for review and evaluation.


Please email questions to Fairview Supply Chain staff at