Why Your Pain From Tendonitis Won’t Go Away (And The New Way To Treat It)

If your tendonitis—pain in the tendons of your shoulders, elbows, hips or knees—hasn’t gone away after typical treatments, you’ll relate with Maurya McSheehy.

One morning, the push-ups in Maurya’s routine workout made her shoulder hurt more than usual. The pain grew steadily until she could no longer lift her arm over her head, affecting her workouts, her lifelong tennis hobby—even the simplest things.

“I could hardly get dressed in the morning,” Maurya says. “I was really frustrated.”

After years of dealing with the pain on her own with no success, she visited Dr. Siatta Dunbar at Fairview Sports and Orthopedic Care – Burnsville. When physical therapy and other conservative treatments did not provide consistent relief, an MRI revealed the source of Maurya’s pain: scar tissue in her shoulder from a prior injury and overuse of the tendons.

While this typically calls for surgery, Dr. Dunbar had another option.

A new treatment for chronic tendonitis

Dr. Dunbar is certified in a new, non-invasive procedure called Tenex. It uses ultrasound imaging to locate damaged tendon and a small tool to treat the pain generating tissue. To date, more than 50,000 procedures have been performed on patients with chronic tendon pain.

First offered at Fairview in October 2016, the Tenex procedure is a welcome option for patients.

“Tenex is a safe, minimally invasive procedure that is providing excellent results to my patients who otherwise would have very limited choices, or would require surgical procedures, in order to treat their pain,” says Dr. Dunbar.

Maurya elected the Tenex procedure because it is performed without general anesthesia, requires no stitches and has a shorter recovery time—the majority of patients return to normal activity within just six weeks. Since her procedure was performed in under an hour, she also had the benefit of going home the same day, where she immediately felt the benefits.

“I started physical therapy exercises right after the procedure,” says Maurya. “I didn’t feel any pain, just soreness for a while, so it was easy to continue.”

Finally pain free

Today, a few months after the procedure, Maurya is back to her workout routine and living the active life she’s always wanted.

“Dr. Dunbar and her staff were amazing to work with,” says Maurya. “I don’t even think about the pain anymore. It’s like I’m brand new.”

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