Why Do You Pick Your Hospital?

You might use a 5-star rating to pick a restaurant. What about a hospital?

CMS Award; 5-Star; Recognition

The internet is full of consumer advice. Reviews, ratings and comments can help you decide which businesses or products offer the best value. 

With star ratings, you can easily see where other consumers recognize high quality or excellent service. You might try the new 5-star restaurant down the street, check out the 5-star daycares in the area or book a 5-star resort for your next vacation. 

Did you know Fairview Southdale Hospital in Edina is the only 5-star hospital in the Twin Cities metro?

The CMS star ratings

Since 2016, a federal agency has used stars to rate hospitals across the country to help consumers make informed choices for medical care. 

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) awards stars based on quality measures like patient experience, safety and readmission rates. 

In CMS’s most recent update just 337 hospitals in the country received a 5-star rating, and Fairview Southdale is the only 5-star hospital in the Twin Cities. 

Recognized for high-quality care

Fairview Southdale doesn’t work on quality to earn stars or a rating—the priority is earning each patient’s trust and confidence.  

“Putting safety, quality and customer experience at the top of mind is how we get the best results for our patients,” says Rhonda Arnold, director of quality and patient safety for Fairview Southdale. “Our teams meet every morning to identify and resolve concerns.” 

Teams also create plans to improve the hospital’s performance. In the past nine months, Fairview Southdale reduced one type of infection, clostridium difficile, by 54 percent. 

“We set ambitious goals for ourselves so we are always challenged to improve,” Rhonda says.

What a 5-star hospital means for you

These stories about Casey being admitted to the hospital on his wife’s due date, Stan's 55 days of chemo and Rosanna’s unexpected visit during international travel give you a good idea of the expert, compassionate care at Fairview Southdale. 

“Patients can trust the care they receive here,” says Patrick Belland, chief operating officer for Fairview Southdale. “We’re a 5-star hospital, and that means one of the best hospitals in the country is right here in our community.” 

From The Birthplace to Cancer Care to Emergency Care, you’ll find comprehensive, quality care and services at Fairview Southdale Hospital

Hospital Compare data, including star ratings, should not be construed as an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services of any health care provider’s products or services. Star ratings are limited in scope to the data sources they are derived from. A provider’s star rating on an individual measure or domain may not be reflective of that provider’s overall star rating. 

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