Varicose Veins Stole Maren’s Confidence. This Is How She Got It Back.

Maren, an active mother of three, was not prepared for how varicose veins would make her feel.

Maren and family

A lifetime of being active did not prepare Maren, yoga instructor and mother of three, for how she felt when she developed varicose veins.

Suddenly, the legs that had carried her through marathon finishes and years of dancing were regularly in pain. The veins also made Maren self-conscious about what she wore. She dealt with it for years, until a friend referred her to C. Phifer Nicholson, MD, at VeinSolutions.

“She raved about her experience, so I was hopeful after seeing Dr. Nicholson,” Maren says. “He made me feel confident that my legs could be back to what they once were.”

Quickly back to daily life

Going into a procedure can make anyone nervous. Dr. Nicholson’s team helped Maren understand and feel prepared for her procedure, her recovery time, and how much insurance coverage was available for her.

“I was nervous about how long the procedure would take and how much it would cost. After talking with the doctor and the staff, I was confident that I was able to do this for myself. It made me feel good to know that I wasn’t the only one with this condition, and that the procedure also was medically necessary for my health.”

Maren underwent her procedure on a Friday morning and described the pain as minimal. She was home a couple of hours later and got back to her routine quickly—just in time for a special event.

“I was back on my feet and walking around for my daughter’s birthday party just two days after the procedure. I didn’t even fill the prescription for pain medication.”

Expert care for all vein issues

 While the VeinSolutions location was convenient, it was the care of Dr. Nicholson and the team that helped Maren know that she was in good hands.

“I’ve never met a doctor with such great bedside manner—he was really concerned with my well-being. Dr. Nicholson even called me to follow-up, which was fantastic! I’d recommend him all day, every day, to anyone.”

Today, Maren is enjoying the summer, able to wear shorts and dresses without worrying what her legs look like, and without the discomfort the varicose veins had caused.

“Just in terms of blood flow, I’m so happy I did this when I did,” says Maren. “My legs used to be throbbing after a day of teaching classes or chasing my kids. Now I have zero pain.”

“As women, we’re so used to putting off our needs to put the needs of kids and others first, but now is the time. I could not tell you how satisfied I am with the results!”

Is it time?

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