Does Your Choice In Pharmacy Matter?

Our findings show it does, in ways you might not realize.

Pharmacy Choices

Why do you choose a pharmacy? The convenience of the hours or location? Familiarity with the name of a chain? The pharmacist?

What if you based it on your odds of being healthier?

Fairview partnered with health analytics company Carrot Health to study whether there was any difference in health outcomes for Fairview patients who primarily used a Fairview pharmacy versus getting their prescriptions filled somewhere else. Patients who primarily used a Fairview pharmacy had:

  • 6 percent fewer outpatient visits to the doctor
  • 6 percent fewer emergency room visits
  • 22 percent fewer hospital visits
  • 22 percent fewer hospital readmissions

These results came as no surprise to Fairview pharmacists, who work with Fairview doctors every day in ways no drugstore could.

Lori Simpson, who oversees operations for Fairview's retail pharmacies, puts it this way: "Patients aren't on their own once a pharmacist hands them a medication."

Pharmacist and doctor as a team

“Our proximity to the clinic makes a huge difference," says Mary Raven, from the pharmacy at Fairview Clinics – Fridley. "I can walk upstairs and talk to your provider, or send them a message and get instant feedback. My ability to quickly coordinate with the rest of the Fairview team helps me provide better care.”

Fairview pharmacists can even view and add to your medical records just like your doctor, sharing real-time updates on things like blood pressure or medication side effects.

"Patients don’t need an appointment to talk to their pharmacist,” Mary says. “Several of my patients stop by just to say hi or call me to ask a quick question. We can assist the provider by getting additional information about the patient or their health that the patient may have forgotten to talk about or was embarrassed or nervous to share during an appointment. It’s a lot easier to relay that information directly to the provider while working at Fairview Pharmacies.”

Consider your Fairview pharmacist an extension of your care team.

“If a patient is forgetting to take their medicine, I’ll follow up with the patient to help them understand the purpose behind the medication," Mary adds. "I can also follow up with the provider to explore other avenues that might make it easier for the patient.”

With more than 30 locations across the greater Twin Cities metro area, find a Fairview pharmacy near you.

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