Checking out better health at your local library

How our Vibrant clinics are making it easier for patients to monitor their blood pressure

Blood pressure monitors at public library
The answers to many questions can be found at your local library. Thanks to a partnership between Vibrant Health Family Clinics and library systems in western Wisconsin, library patrons have a unique resource to check out — blood pressure monitors.

Vibrant Health, which joined Fairview Health Services this summer, took action after 2018 guidelines from the American Heart Association put almost half of U.S. adults in the ‘high blood pressure’ category.

The clinics partnered with libraries in River Falls, Spring Valley, and Ellsworth to begin offering blood pressure monitors for checkout. The monitors are in a kit that includes instructions, educational materials, and a blood pressure tracking card. Residents can check out a kit for two weeks and keep the educational resources at no cost.

At-home monitoring allows a more complete snapshot of blood pressure over time than a single reading during a clinic visit.

Debbie Cernohous checked out one of the kits from the River Falls library and gained a valuable insight: “Having the opportunity to check my blood pressure at home helped me see how lack of sleep impacts my blood pressure.”

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