Employee donations help patients get through tough times

Funds help cover expenses like gas, groceries, or rent while recovering

Jenny May-Kramer
For over 15 years, Jenny May-Kramer has supported patients, their family members, and her colleagues. One area that particularly tugs at her heart strings is transplant patients.

“Patients who need transplants deserve every chance to live a long and healthy life,” said Jenny, a senior administrative assistant who works in Care Management. “After surgery, a hospital stay, and, oftentimes, relocating to temporary housing, people can face financial hardship.

“Patients may not be able to afford anti-rejection medication or the electricity that keeps a vital machine running. People are aware of the possible financial implications of a transplant, but it’s often a life-or-death situation.”

Thanks to our Employee Giving Campaign, donors like Jenny can contribute to any of 80 different funds, including several Patient Assistance Funds for our hospitals, clinics and pharmacies.

The money is available to help people get through difficult times. Referred by a social worker, patients in need can get financial help with items like gas, transportation, medications, groceries, or a mortgage payment — all vital to helping them recover and avoid getting readmitted to the hospital.

“I’ve received frantic phone calls from patients and families who desperately need help,” Jenny said. “I give because I never want to have to tell a patient that we can’t help with their medical needs.”

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