What could cause me to have a miscarriage during my pregnancy?

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Woman upset by miscarriage
The majority of miscarriages are caused by a misalignment of the chromosomes, usually the way the chromosomes combine between the mom and the dad.

Why do the chromosomes not align properly? I’m not sure anybody knows. The baby just doesn’t form right.

Having a miscarriage has nothing to do with intercourse or any other physical activity, or anything you ate or drank. It’s probably nothing you did wrong. It was just not meant to be, unless you have a medical disorder that hasn’t been treated.

If you’ve had multiple miscarriages, then you might get some blood tests to look for things like diabetes, which can raise your risk. Thyroid disorders – if your thyroid is overactive or underactive – and certain other autoimmune disorders such as lupus can also increase your chances of having a miscarriage.

The most important thing I do when women come in with a miscarriage is reaffirm: You didn’t cause it. You didn’t bring it on.

Richard Mayerchak, MD, family medicine provider specializing in OB
Fairview Clinics – Princeton

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